Creating a Consistent UK Brand

By Mash Bonigala

What snack could be more traditional and classically British than tea and cake? A Yorkshire café is offering a new interpretation of the British classic, both in their products and in their brand.

The T & Cake logo design is as simple as can be—capital letters spelling out the name of the establishment in a crisp black and white colour scheme. The crossbar on the A and K are connected to form a smile, with the T and the ampersand as eyes. This logo may be simple, but the gracefully curved letters give a friendly and modern feeling that sets the tone for the overall brand. In packaging, different colours are used and the name of the café is placed within a cookie that has a bite taken out of it.

This brings us to a more salient topic: the importance of creating a consistent and inviting UK brand. T & Cake has done this. They have chosen a brand that allows different colours and images to be used without creating confusion. The packaging is simple and white to create a clean, modern feeling that goes well with the overall brand. In short, people in the Yorkshire community can see that this is a place to find traditional cakes and tea with a modern twist.

How important is branding for small businesses such as this? With many competitors out there, from national and global chain companies such as Starbucks to a number of popular local cafes, customers have to have a good reason to make their choice. This brand gives them a good reason by creating a feeling that this café is just a little different from the others. The consistency of the brand drives that message home.

While having a consistent, professionally designed brand does not guarantee success, it certainly increases the odds of achieving it. If patrons find that T & Cake does not live up to its promise, they will probably never return. However, this brand and logo design will be instrumental in encouraging people to give the business that important chance to make an impression. It also gives customers an idea of what to expect from the establishment, which will reduce the chances of disappointment and ensure that interested customers are the ones who are visiting.

Unfortunately, many UK businesses cut corners in branding and design. The result is usually a substandard brand, or one that is not consistent enough to make a solid impression. It can be difficult to lead a business to success without the firm foundation of good design, especially in the challenging modern economy.

How does your small UK business measure up to T & Cake? Even if you are running a very different sort of business, it is important that you have a professional brand and distinctive UK logo design. Whether you are still in the process of planning your business or already up and running, there has never been a better time to talk to a design professional.