Cosmetic Logos Get Exposure through Tutorials


Nothing is as important to a beauty brand as public image. Because the business is basically selling a certain look, all visual parts of the brand must be en pointe. However, traditional marketing techniques are not always successful with this fickle, image conscious market. This means that beauty brands in London and the UK must find new and exciting ways to get their brand and their beauty logo design in the public eye.

Popular cosmetic brands Stila and Dior have found success using video sharing giant Youtube as a marketing venue. The brand offers tutorials on how to apply different products to achieve specific looks. This gives consumers better results from the brand’s products, making them more likely to become repeat customers. Moreover, a customer who accesses a video to find out how to use a particular product will be introduced to new and exciting makeup lines that complete the look, increasing the number of items sold. Youtube is such a hot platform that many of its more popular posters can become overnight celebrities, showing the possibilities that the website offers.

A welcome side effect of offering tutorials to market makeup is that it makes the brand appear to be an expert in the field. They are not just a company offering products, but teachers and mentors in the use of the products. People viewing the tutorials will view the brand as a professional choice that gets professional quality results. If the video tutorial in question is sensibly branded, the brand and the logo design will be getting exposure with every single view. This differentiates the brand in question from the many others on the UK market.

Makeup giant Stila decided to take this tutorial based marketing scheme to another level with the Makeup Player. Users can dock their iPhone in this makeup kit and immediately access tutorials and exciting new options for using the makeup in the kit. Because the kit includes the products needed for the basic tutorials, customers are able to get a very satisfying result while also being encouraged to try new Stila Products. This is very complimentary to the ultra-modern, savvy Stila brand and logo design.

Creating and offering these types of experiences can be expensive for newer companies with smaller marketing and development budgets, but there are certainly lower priced options. Offering tutorials through Youtube, as discussed above, is completely free and can offer a lot of exposure for the amount of time investment.

All makeup buyers want to achieve a certain look, so giving them the knowledge and tools needed to achieve that look will build brand loyalty while encouraging customers to make more purchases. This option is so low cost that companies can introduce new looks on a regular basis, gaining a following in these social media sites while offering their brand more exposure and more relevant exposure than any other option. If you are looking for new ways to market your brand and get more exposure for your logo design, social media and other free options offer a lower cost and more relevant way to market your makeup brand.