Stunning Corporate Identity Service

Includes primary logo design and matching stationery design with full ownership of designs.

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  • We present you with 6 to 10 initial logo design ideas and directions with brand mockups.
  • A revision round is when you ask for changes or tweaks on your selected design.
  • Identity elements will make your brand stand above the competition and enhance the perception of your target customers.
  • Create the right impression and build trust with your target audience with corporate identity.
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Corporate Identity Service

Your corporate identity logo design is more than just your corporation’s logo. The corporate identity logo design consists of your business’ persona. A corporate identity logo design consists of all the logos and brands that are incorporated in your business. They include all aspects of your corporation from your product brands and labels to the logo design on your website. Your corporate identity logo design is the front door to your business and should be well designed and professional.

A corporate identity logo design consists of all aspects of your business. This logo design gives your employees something to believe in and associate with and for consumers to identify you with. A corporate identity logo design is the most important logo design that your company will purchase.

When forming a corporate identity logo design it is important that all aspects remain consistent and are used widely. In-house graphic design and marketing departments should be supplied with a list of criteria that all designs are to follow. Corporations should insure that the proper logo design colors and fonts are used so that any promotional products that these businesses produce are achieved consistently.

Many corporations are very strict with these guidelines and any variation in colors or fonts are taken very seriously. There have been in-house designers fired for using the wrong shade of blue on a project that represented the corporation. This is an example of how important it is to insure consistency in your designs and products.

Corporate identity is often viewed in three different areas. These areas include corporate designs, corporate communication and corporate behavior. These areas are included in everything that a corporation is involved in. Corporate designs include uniforms, corporate identity logo designs and other supporting products that are produced by the corporation. Corporate communication includes commercials, print advertising and public relations.

These communication devices often involve the corporate identity logo in some way. The corporate identity logo may be used in the commercial or print advertising as a graphic or at the top of a press release letter. Corporate behavior includes the internal values and norms of the business. The corporate identity logo is often used on paper items that are produced by the business such as benefits information or orientation paperwork.

The impact of the corporate identity logo is an amazing graphic. The company logo design represents the business in all aspects from public relations and marketing to each and every uniform shirt that employees wear on a daily basis.