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Arena Construction is a leading construction and architecture company based in Barcelona, Spain. When they wanted to rebrand, they approached SpellBrand to help them create a visually stunning brand identity.



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Logo Design Service Options

After much research and brainstorming, our award winning branding team will create different design directions and concepts and present them to you in beautiful branding presentations so you can see how the designs interact in the real world and help you envision how each design would help make the right impact.


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Website Design

With a professional and stunning design and layout. The website will have a content management system which will enable you to edit the pages by yourself quite easily. You can also new pages when required and upload images or videos etc.

CMS will enable you to edit the pages by yourself quite easily. You can also new pages when required and upload images or videos etc.

Post articles and resources on industry related topics to establish your brand as an authority.

Includes product catalog, product details, shopping cart, check out, credit card gateway integration, inventory management, taxes, shipping, coupons and more.


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Corporate Identity Elements

Once the logo design is completed, we will create stunning matching identity design elements to enhance the look and feel of your brand.


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Brand Identity Elements

Secondary Brand Mark/Icon which can be used in places where the primary logo would be an over-kill. Examples could include: back of a business card, watermark on letterheads or envelopes, usage on t-shirts or uniforms, corporate stamps etc

Official Brand Pattern that can used for inside covers, backgrounds etc. Examples of pattern usage can be inside lining of apparel, lining of leather bags, lining of product packaging, package external boxes wall paper, office glass sticking, vehicle wraps and more.

Brand Style Guide with logo specs and usage guidelines including logo design specs, color palette and codes including PANTONE, HEX, RGB and CMYK, typography including primary and secondary fonts used, proper size of logo and space around logo, logo background usage, information about secondary icons, pattern etc


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About construction logos and brands

Having professional, eye catching logo design is so important for any construction business. They not only tell your customers valuable information about your company, these images communicate with the subconscious mind and tell prospective customers whether you are reliable and honest.

When you are looking for a construction company, where do you turn? Many people turn to friends, family, and colleagues to get a recommendation. Others ask for references and bids and make their final decision based on fact. A last and significant portion of people looking for a construction company simply choose a business that seems reputable and trustworthy, often going with their intuition.

There are several things that make a brand mark successful. First, it should be industry related. Companies in this sector regularly use shapes and images that are associated with building, such as house shapes, tools, and even squares. People should be able to look at your logo and tell exactly which business it represents.

Second, it must make the business seem established and reliable. This can be accomplished by using certain shapes. The square is often used, not just because it is related to building, but because it is a solid shape that feels strong and reliable. Triangles are also commonly used because, as nature’s strongest shape, they evoke the image of strength and power.

Good use of shape makes for more than just an attractive picture. However, font use is also important. A square font with thick letters feels strong and steady, while a scrolling font offers a more elegant image. Rounded letters make people feel included and befriended, while ‘newsy’ fonts with serifs seem serious and honest. The image that you are trying to portray can be successfully put across with your choice in font, making this a very important item to discuss with your graphic designer.

Colour is also an important part of construction logo designs. Because there are so many construction companies in London and in the UK, your choice of colour can be used to draw attention to your logo. Reds, yellows, and bright oranges all attract attention while subtly suggesting the brightly coloured designs commonly seen at construction sites. Using these, a more calming colour palette, or even black and white can all be successful under the guidance of a professional logo artist.

Construction logo designs may seem complicated, but a qualified and experienced logo designer will be able to advise you on the topic and create a logo that is perfect for you and your company. This will tell potential customers and the community about what your company has to offer and give you the advantage you need to build your business. Having a well designed, professionally crafted logo can help your company move ahead, while having an unprofessional one or none at all will hold you back.

Client Name: Badger Contracting
Logo Type: Illustrative Logos
Client Location: Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
Project Type: Bronze

Project Summary: Commercial and Residential Contracting Products: Roofing, Siding, Windows and Trim Services: Estimate, Sell, Manage these contracting projects Many industry certifications * Energy Consulting – analyze buildings to determine where there is energy loss or opportunities to save energey; make recommendations (and potential implement/install) to improve energy costs. This project was very similar to the contracting logo design we did for another client.

Target Market: Commercial contracting State and local government agencies Project managers/General Contracting firms Owners and managers of residential housing complexes, shopping centers and other commercial properties * Residential (Home Improvement) Contracting – Home Owners * Energy Consulting Home Owners State and Local Government Agencies?

Design Review:? As the name suggested, the client wanted a badger as a mascot for his logo, and wanted to depict a dynamic feel to the logo, and this is what exactly we gave him. An abstract logo yet strong symbol of a badger was made, with swooshes around depicting the dynamic feel the client was after.

Logo Client: HCI Home Builder

Logo Design Used In: Carbondale, CO 80623

Logo Design Project Summary: HCI Homebuilder located in a high-end custom market wanted a simple yet powerful and strong logo design for their company. The company is based out of a small town in Colorado and they service anyone involved in construction, specifically Architects and homeowners.

Facing stiff local competition from companies such as Rasmussen Construction, Hansen Construction, Silich Construction and Iglehart Construction, HCI wanted an icon that would set them apart from the other companies in that area that had dated and quite complex logos that were hard to remember.

The client was quite keen on seeing Mt.sopris, Colorado and Aspen mountains (see Colorado Logo Design), as an icon. Our logo design team came up with a brilliant and simple line art of the aspen mountains and coupled with a solid looking font was able to achieve the desired look and feel.