Comtat London Offers High Technology for UK Bikers


If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to get around town, Comtat London may offer a high-quality option. This newest bike brand offers a variety of carbon road bikes with high-performance features at a price that is affordable on a recession budget.

This brand offers carbon frames, complete bikes, and even clothing. Customers can even build a custom bike through the company website’s ComtatCreatorTM system. The designs are simple and functional, with stylish colors and designs.

What makes up the Comtat London brand? First, the visual aspects of the brand such as the logo design are simple and sophisticated. The color palette is a simple black and white. The logo features wings, a common image is seen in urban and trendy logos, with a road bike in the center to showcase the main product. The name of the company is written in ultra-basic lettering in a scrolling shape. The overall effect of this hi-tech logo design is that of a tattoo, showing an underground, outlaw edge to this otherwise tame sport.

This logo design is part of an overall brand that is very bike-centric. First, the affordable bikes with high-end quality and design offer a deluxe ride to people with a mid-range income level. Second, the company sponsors several cycling clubs in South West and South East London. The blog at their website details their many adventures and travels, presenting the brand as more exciting and adventurous than your average road bike.

One key part of the brand is that Comtat London is a locally produced, UK brand that was developed and begun in our own home nation. They are aware of the unique challenges of UK riding and are making products specialized to the preferences of riders in London and elsewhere in the UK. This gives the brand an extra dose of street credibility that can go a long way in niche markets such as this. However, the effect might be stronger if the company name and the names of the models were not all in French. While these names are all sophisticated choices, more traditional British names might have added even more to the homegrown image that the brand has carefully tried to cultivate.

In addition to the blog, which is an excellent marketing tool in itself, Comtat London maintains active memberships at many social networking sites. These give the brand an invaluable opportunity to brand itself by placing its logo design prominently in internet destinations favored by the biking community. Best of all, these are all free marketing tools, allowing the brand to keep costs fashionably low while offering a premium product.

Sports logos and brands must be very good at communicating with their target audience, especially in niche markets such as this. Comtat London has done a superb job of building a brand that will appeal to much of their audience while differentiating the company from its competition. We surely will be seeing more of these bikes on streets and paths around the nation in the very near future.