Comodo Checks Off Safety with New Logo Design

By Mash Bonigala

Can a logo design make you feel safer and more secure when surfing the web? Comodo thinks so. This internet security company recently adopted a new logo design to promote their cause and make customers feel just a little better about choosing this company for their safety needs. Now, people looking for proof that a website is secure can check for the Comodo SSL certificate check mark icon.

The logo design is rather simple. It features a capital C wrapped around a check mark next to the name of the business and the specific program. A check mark indicates that the safety has been taken care of. The green color is indicative of both safety and nature. The name is written in a simple yet modern font that is rounded yet has a few interesting details, while the word “secure” is written in blockier, more solid lettering. The implication is that this is security that cannot be circumvented.

This logo design obviously ties into the safe and secure brand that the company is trying to promote. The logo is simple enough to be timeless, which will allow the company to use it over a long time span and develop the kind of brand recognition that a security company needs for success. There are several notable internet security companies out there, so Comodo needs a logo design that is attractive and ha staying power.

One of the main advantages of this company is that they offer a variety of security services in one single package. The Comodo logo design is meant to signify well rounded and complete protection. People who use the business get protection from hackers as well as protection of their valuable financial information. They are assured that the website is one hundred percent safe, from its downloads to its financial products to its firewalls. The way the C wraps around the checkmark gives exactly this impression—one of well rounded and complete security.

Comodo comes out with this new logo design at an auspicious time. Its competitor VeriSign recently came out with a similar package of protections to make people feel safe about visiting member websites. It is notable that Verisign also uses a checkmark in their logo. This apparently is a common emblem in the internet security world.

While rebranding is always a precarious process, there are times when re-evaluating your logo design is a good idea. If you are getting ready to go up against stiff competition, it is essential that you have a logo design and brand that is up to the cause. If yours needs a little help, there is no time better than the present. We might not recommend a checkmark motif for your new logo—that seems like it is getting enough use right now—but a logo designer should be able to come up with an original logo design that represents your company brand perfectly. Let the power of graphic design give your company the advantage that it needs to succeed in a competitive world.