Colourful Vacation Destination Adopts Back and White Logo


Most of us think of colour when we think of the Brittany coast—cool natural blues and greens as well as a colourful culture with millennia of history. However, the many UK residents who holiday in Brittany—or Bretagne, as residents call it—will soon be seeing a new black and white logo design promoting the area.

The Bretagne logo features the name of the area, along with a small circle with the word ‘be’ in the same font. This English word is obviously meant to reach out to the many UK visitors. One of the most notable parts of this logo design is that it uses the stripes of the Bretagne flag to form the E’s. The other letters have been drawn to work well with these stylized letters, giving a uniform, attractive, and contemporary look to the logo. The black and white is stylish as well, although it was also chosen to tie into the region’s flag.

One of the main benefits of this logo design is its versatility. It is easy to see this very basic design working well in a variety of contexts: on vehicles, in magazines, and of course on signage in the region. The black and white combined with the bold logotype will make it recognizable in a variety of sizes. Further, the small circle with ‘BE’ inside can be used on its own if a very small logo design is needed. Versatility is important for destination logos because they must be features in print and in a variety of contexts.

The placement of the circle is similar to a copyright mark, which implies uniqueness and also gives the image a business-like feel. We saw a similar mechanism a few months ago with the new Comedy Central logo. It appears that this symbol is becoming somewhat of a logo design fad, although we hope it doesn’t become overused and stale.

As we mentioned before, black and white is not the palette that comes to mind when we think of Brittany. However, the tie in to the flag as well as the simple, modern style make the colour choice very appropriate and even distinctive.

A destination logo design, whether for Brittany or a less exotic UK destination, must be top-notch. The single image must represent what makes the locale in question unique and present an attractive image to potential holiday-goers. Further, the image must work well in a variety of sizes and even in moving media such as on the side of a bus. The Bretagne logo meets all of these criteria while also tying into the region’s culture and history.

Does your favourite spot have a logo design that represents it to the world in the best possible light? If not, it may be time to talk to a logo designer. With more and more destinations competing for dwindling budgets, marketing and branding are now an essential part of the UK holiday experience.