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What do you need to run a successful coffee shop? Many people would give answers such as a coffee machine, espresso beans, or employees, but a well-designed coffee shop logo or any restaurant logo is just as important. Company logos tell your customers who you are, how you run your business, and what your mission is. Because everyone recognizes the Starbucks logo, I will use it as an example of a coffee shop logo that works.

Shape. This coffee shop logo has a round shape, which gives people a subconscious feeling of unity and inclusiveness. Most people want to feel warmed and nurtured by their coffee, so company logos with a round shape or at least one with rounded edges will attract them most. Logo artists can design the round iconic logo so your eye is drawn either to the graphic or in the case of Starbucks, to the company name.

Readability. The company name in this coffee shop logo is prominently displayed in a plain, easily readable font. That’s probably why everyone in the United States knows the name. All company logos should include the business’s name in a bold, dominant font. Starbucks takes this a step further by using a different color background for the name than for the image. Because the name is bright green, the customer’s eye is drawn to it rather than to the black and white siren image.

Color. The green logo color is calming and at the same time suggests freshness, which is one of Starbucks’ core values. Many coffee shops and cafe logos use green for their coffee shop logo, but there are other effective options. Some company logos use shades of brown, which is the color of a coffee bean. Interestingly, the original Starbucks logo was chocolate brown. A qualified logo artist will be able to help you decide what color speaks the most about your company and your values. Check out a juice shop logo that we created for a client.

Use of graphics. Graphics make a coffee shop logo more memorable and give your company a face that customers can remember and identify. The siren who is the mascot of Starbucks is a good example. Few people consciously notice the siren centered in the middle of the Starbucks logo, because she is positioned in a way to downplay the sexuality normally associated with sirens. However, the logo would not be as complete or as recognizable without this image. Company logos are generally more successful when an attractive image takes center stage.

Consistency. The Starbucks coffee shop logo is recognizable at least in part because it is everywhere. From signage to cups to décor, company logos should be printed on every available surface for maximum effect. The more customers see a coffee shop logo in connection with the coffee shop itself, the more they will identify the logo with the business and the experience. Check out how somebody copied the Starbucks logo.

There is a lot to be learned from this design, which showcases how a logo artist can design company logos to express more than words alone could say. Would Starbucks be as successful without its recognizable coffee shop logo? We’ll never know for sure, but the logo definitely helped define the company in the eyes of customers and the community.


Langano Juice & Coffee Logo Design

Located in Miami, Florida Logo, Langano Juice & Coffee is a juice-bar cafe, serving freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, freshly brewed coffees, teas, and coffee-based beverages.

Target Market

The primary market this logo had to target was health-conscious customers, coffee lovers, and tourists.

Client Requirement

The Company name Langano means red lake. We want the logo to be in abstract form and simple. We also want the Company letters and juice and coffee to be easy to read and visible. We would like to see coffee, juice, fruits, vegetables, cups, greenery, etc.

Final Logo Design Concepts

Using a clean abstract style the image of a juice glass and coffee cup were created. The straight rigid lines create a very metropolitan feel which is matched in the font. The overall design is clean and modern yet visually interesting.

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