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Introducing Elegore – Rising To Luxury: premium Indian luxury fashion brand for whom we created an awesome brand name based on storytelling and positioning strategy, a stunning visual language in the form of an elegant and luxury logo design, secondary brad mark, an official brand pattern, package design and more.

Elegore was born out of inspiration to create luxury apparel in the Indian fashion industry for daily work life. The founders of elegise got their inspiration from nature. They wanted to be a premium fashion brand incorporated in India, and yet open for fashion-conscious consumers worldwide.

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Clothing Startups Branding Case Studies

Client: Jotoni Clothing

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Services Included: Visual Design

Design Analysis: Jotoni Clothing label describes itself as “Urban chic vintage skate”. Started by a visionary entrepreneur, Jotoni aims to bridge the gap between streetwear and upscale brands. With a powerful name that brings together two words to mean “ruler/strength and happiness”, this clothing brand is set to take the NY fashion scene by a storm.

The challenge was to create a logo design that would bridge the gap between the opposite ends of the fashion spectrum – urban streetwear and high-end fashion. To make this happen we decided to create an abstract icon based on the name itself. We created a crown and shield crest coupled with a friendly font gives a chic yet playful vibe.

Right in the center of the icon is the letter J which was customized to represent J and T from the name. The result is a beautiful, powerful yet friendly brand mark!

Client: Aquiliq

Type Of Project: Brand Name & Logo Design

Services Included: Brand Strategy, Visual Design

Design Analysis: Aquiliq is an apparel brand and fashion business. They are crafting a lifestyle brand that may offer a variety of concepts such as streetwear style clothing, or one that is more directed towards urban pop culture concepts all using the underlying brand as a model.

We created the brand name Aquiliq – based on the Latin word for “Eagle” which carried Zeus/Jupiter’s thunderbolts. Also referred to a constellation that was mentioned in the Exodus in the 4th century BC, which lies in the Milky Way and contains many rich star fields and has been the location of many novae. An apt brand name for a company that delivers great service or products.

The logo design shows an eagle and thunderbolts both referencing the above concepts. A stunning iconic logo design that is quite memorable.

Clothing Logo Designs

Clothing Fashion Logo Design assets are a huge part of what people choose to wear. This is true for urban and streetwear brands, Christian clothing brands, and others.  While the cut of the clothing, the quality of materials, and the way it fits in with current trends is important, your brand is perhaps the most important aspect. Consider iconic marks such as the Guess logo and the Armani logo. Clearly, many people all over London and the UK buy different brands of clothing for the label alone, assuming based on the information that the fashion logo designs provide that the clothing is stylish and well made. This means that clothing manufacturers have a lot to gain from having an attractive and eye-catching logo design. If you are thinking of getting celebrities to promote your clothing brand, then your logo has to be good enough to enhance your campaign.

There are certain shapes that are often seen in clothing brands. The triangle is one such shape; because it is the strongest shape in geometry, a triangular logo imparts a sense of strength. It also has pronounced corners that make it seem somewhat edgier than other shapes. Another shape commonly seen in clothing logos is the circle. This is because circles are inclusive and friendly, a feeling that many clothing manufacturers may want to portray. A swoosh or other wavy shape makes people feel that a brand is moving forward and constantly changing, which can also be a positive image for clothing makers who want to appear ever fashionable.

Images used in these marks are a little more complicated. Some, like the Guess logo, use an image that is related to the name, in this case a question mark. Others, like Lacoste, use an image that relates to the brand’s history. Abstract logos with images that do not correspond to a recognizable object are also very successful in the world of fashion. There are no rights and wrongs as long as your logo is unique, attractive, and communicates key information to your target audience. If you want to increase sales of your clothing business, then your logo has to be up to scratch.

One last category that deserves an honorable mention is the text only logo. While this scheme has been used in almost every industry, nowhere has it found so much success as in fashion. In this case, the font and the color of the logo become everything, because they alone communicate information about the brand design. In the case of the iconic Kate Spade, a plain name in a Times New Roman font against a plain colorless background gives potential buyers the message that this is a classic, no-frills brand with conservative sensibilities.

The type of logo that is right for your boutique or clothing label depends entirely on you. As you can see, many different motifs have been used with great success. What’s important is that you have a professionally designed logo that communicates your message.

Are you the next up and coming clothing designer? Don’t hold yourself back by having an insufficient or unprofessional logo. Talk to a logo designer today about what type of image will draw in your target customers in droves and tell the world about your unique sense of style.

Logos For Fashion Designers

Fashion logos are intended to be helpful in the marketing of clothing labels – these products being fashions and the accessories. Because of the fast paced consumerism of the modern shopping world, clothing lines can now go from the runway in Malan to the store in New York City in record time. Often before the models finish changing back into street clothes, women in Texas are clamoring for the knock-offs of the outfit those same models were just wearing. Fashion logos help prevent such “knock-offs” from being created. If the artist has equipped the clothing with a unique design, there will be a lesser chance of someone stealing the design. Many stylish fashion and Jewelry Logos are sewn right on the front pocket. Other clothes, such as tee shirts, are printed with the brand elements.

Creating a fashion brand can be a daunting task. The fashion world is one of dark mysteries with companies creating and selling products and services that defy the normal rules of commercial engagement. The target markets are usually quite hard to understand and cater to. So, rather than going the conventional way of marketing with direct sales messages to the audience, fashion brands create a world of their own – a world that originates from their brand and entices the market to enter and experience it. To achieve this, fashion companies depend heavily on branding to create the mysterious aura required to pull unsuspecting people into their fold.

At SpellBrand, we have a lot of experience working with fashion labels. This experience traces back to our CEO’s love for fashion, craftsmanship, artistry and authenticity. Creating a fashion label brand is quite an exciting journey that begins with understanding the core values of the brand, it’s intended positioning and the message that the company wants to put out into the world. We use our Brand Clarity Driver methodology to distill the brand message and create visual elements that give the company the right kind of tools to start their promotions. If you would like to benefit from such experience and insight, please give us a call today.