Citigroup Is Reworking on Its Public Image

By Mash Bonigala

A new ad campaign; an improved logo.What the Citi Bank is up to? Well, it is all hell-bent on reworking its global image. Around the world, the Citi Bank wants to spread the message, “Let’s get it done”.

For years, the name of Citigroup has been associated with high class customer service and investor friendly results. In 2007, the message that Citi bank wishes to convey to its customers all across the globe is, “Let’s Get It Done.” The new set of

Citigroup ads consciously adopts an emotional tone over a humorous pitch. Along with the tagline, the iconic red umbrella is also replaced by a red arc which is to be featured more prominently on all its promotional campaigns. The umbrella symbolized protection, but in this present age of plastic money transactions, arc has been conceived as more appropriate choice as arc symbolizes connection. In most of the ads, the arc is presented in a three dimensional form.

The new brand makeover campaign started worSpellBrandide from May 6th. The modified logo is going to be used in all types of media—from television to websites to the print materials. Entire campaigning would cost an estimated $30 million for the first two months.

The new slogan was inspired by Larry’s — a blue-collar stand-up comedian— famous exclamation “Git-R-done.” The new slogan is created with an aim of inspiring the customers to avail its many banking services. “The campaign is a call for action for people everywhere” as observed by Bob Moore, chief creative officer, Publicis USA, the company which is behind this brand makeover.

Chairman and CEO Charles Prince explained the philosophy behind this new brand campaign this way: “We are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives and futures of millions of people, organizations and communities around the world, and we want our corporate brand advertising to demonstrate our commitment to that”

A more prominent use of Citi’s symbolic red arc summarizes the theme of this brand facelift: with its immense resources, Citi wants to reach out to more customers around the world and want to connect them to an enormous selection of financial products and services to drive them towards financial success.

It took three months time to give complete shape to the entire campaign comprising the ads and new look logo. It was indeed a challenging task, as the campaign was meant for the retail and credit card customers as well as of its investment bank.

This brand campaigning is hoped to send across a more concrete message to its customers and it is also expected to change the way customers interact with the bank.