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Creating a logo is as much an emotional journey as it is a technical one. A logo is not just a graphic. Like all good design, it does have some fundamental principles and a roadmap which would guide a designer come up with creative ideas. We chose this project because we felt really connected to it and believe that it is particularly challenging to work on Charity/Non-Profit/Religious institutions.

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Youth Ministry Logo Design

Logo Design for The Lions for Christ, a registered student organization on the University of Arkansas Fort Smith supported by the West-Ark Church of Christ.

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The Church has also started branding itself with branding related to the community it services. Religious institutions have come to realize the important having the right logo to effectively get their message across to their target market.

Designing church logos is quite different from designing for other industries. The logo designer need to take utmost care in trying to understand what the church is about and what kind of message it is trying to broadcast to it’s community.

People identify with their church. They like to know that they are a part of something that is greater than them and they like to believe in something. Through your church branding, you are giving your believers just that. You are providing them with a religious symbol and one that they can associate with their faith.

You church branding should be extremely professional. There is nothing wrong with a little creativity, but you want a classic design that your older church members will be able to associate with as well. The elders of the church are important members and it is important that you remember them when you are designing the identity.

Apart from the church itself, you may also have several programs that you run out of the church. You may have a daycare or mother’s day out program that may also need an identity. Great ideas for these areas are to draw from the children themselves. Use bright colors and perhaps lines that look like crayons drew them. By doing so, you are giving even the smallest members of your religious organization something to recognize and believe in. Youth groups and associations will also benefit from a strong message that they can associate with. Using what is hip and cool for the age of your youth will be an excellent way to encourage the youth to participate as well as give them something they can believe in.

It is amazing how your church corporate identity can be responsible for so much faith and belief. It is important that you remember whom you are designing for and it is important that you ensure that they will believe in it. It is a great idea to give the children and youth an opportunity to incorporate their own ideas and beliefs into the logos that they are going to wear proudly and believe in.

Far too often does one church use the same lettering and the same symbols as the next. Involve your members, your youth and your children and encourage them to help you come up with a great logo design that they will like and believe in.

How To Design Christian Logos

A growing number of religious organizations are turning to branding to create awareness to the community amid so many distractions these days hampering our worship to God. In the words of Richard Reising, president of Artistry Marketing Concepts:

There’s not a church in the world that doesn’t market itself. Some do it well, some do it badly. But when you don’t do it consistently and effectively, then you say clearly to the community that you don’t know who you are; you’re not professional, and you don’t take time to think about what you are about.

There are several aspects of church branding but here we will focus on developing a Christian logo to differentiate your organization. You can also visit our collection of religious logos as your reference.


It is enough to create a creative logo design. It must have depth and meaning. Before sketching anything or talking to a logo design company, your first step is to build your identity.

Try to describe your church in terms of the people in your community, dominant culture and other services you might offer like daycare services or some livelihood programs. If you have something special to talk about or a unique selling point then include that in your list. At the end of the day, this will serve as your guideline for developing your logo.


Christianity is filled with symbols so use that to help create instant recognition to your logo. Very common in Christian logos are the cross, chalice, chi rho, candles, fire, and animals like fish, pelican or lamb.


The colors blue, red and yellow are very common in Christian logos. It’s better to understand the meaning behind these colors before using it. For instance, yellow signifies light or divinity while purple is for mourning and penitence. You can get more logo color meaningshere.

Religious Logo Use: Is It Right For Your Business?

Religion and politics are two topics that are largely avoided in the business world and it’s easy to see why. These subjects can be divisive and even offensive to some audiences. This is why, although most Americans consider themselves religious, most businesses feel uncomfortable displaying their religion in their logo when using online logo design. However, there are several different types of businesses in which a religious logo is appropriate. For some businesses, a Christian logo or church identities may be a very positive addition to their personal brand.

Businesses That Have A Clear Religious Affiliation.

If you are running a Christian bookstore, then a Christian logo makes sense. Similarly, if your business is aligned with any type of religious organization, such as a hospital logo sponsored by a particular church, a religious logo makes that relationship clear to your community. Some religions are well known for their social services and medical services, so a religious logo can be a very positive addition to these ‘brands’. Any business that is directly linked to a religion should display their religious logo with pride.

Businesses That Operate In A Community With A Clear Religious Majority.

If much of your general audience practices a different religion, overtly displaying yours may actually drive customers away. The same goes for communities that include a large range of religions or that are divided by religion. However, if your general community or even just your target audience is mainly of one religion, showing your affiliation with a Christian logo or other religious logo may be a good business decision because it makes you seem like one of them.

Businesses That Are Moral In Nature.

If your business depends on people trusting you, a religious affiliation may indicate that you have traditional values such as honesty and fairness. While it is never okay to lie about your religious affiliation, there is nothing wrong with proudly displaying it to your own advantage. Businesses that might benefit from a religious logo in this manner include charities and other social causes. Some financial operations may also gain customer confidence from using a religious logo.

If you are uncomfortable using a directly religious logo, there are other options. Many religions have secondary symbols that are less overt but still show a religious base. For example, a Christian logo may include not just the commonly recognized symbol of the cross, but also a fish shape or an angel. If you can’t decide whether or not to have a religious logo, finding a middle ground like this may be a compromise that works for your business and your community.

Once you have decided whether to include a religious logo, and exactly how obviously religious you want that logo to be, working with an online logo design company is sure to yield a religious logo that is the right balance of spiritual and earthly. Whatever the religious affiliation (or lack thereof) that you want to show, an online logo design can be created that accurately gets across the message you are trying to portray.

Calvary Wesleyan LogoYour logo design is the foundation of how your church is recognized. You want your logo design to encompass both your beliefs and professionalism.

Depending upon which part of the country you live in, you may require that the logo design is completely unique so that it will stand out amongst all of the other logo designs.

Typical church and religious logo designs tend to portray their religion through crosses and light imagery. Church logo designs also tends to incorporate text that is of a traditional and professional manner like this client of ours. Your identity should communicate to your target audience.

Church Of Champions Logo

The ministry logo design should be a symbol of your church and represent the church’s personality. Is your church warm and inviting or is it fun and creative?

These aspects can be easily portrayed through your christian logo design. You want your logo design to communicate what your church believes in and how your church portrays its beliefs.

Ministry logo designs can be fun and use a variety of colors. They can portray that going to your church is fun and creative. Fun logo designs invite people of all ages to attend.

University of Prophets LogoThey especially attract the younger generations and encourage them to attend a fun and creative church environment. More traditional and straightforward logo designs will attract the older generation.

They still want to have a good time at church while they learn about God’s word, but they also want the church to represent tradition and traditional beliefs. Using classic style fonts and similar colors will achieve a traditional religious logo design.

Your logo design is also a great way to re-brand your church. Are you building a new chapel or an addition to the church and you want to represent the church’s new look?

You may want to revamp the original logo design to represent this new change and new look for the future.

Sum Fun LogoYou want to make your church stand out from the crowd and you want the logo design to make the public aware of your presence.

Your logo design will allow people to recognize and remember your church. Your church will soon recognize the logo design and will feel as though they are a part of it.

The logo design is the image that the community will view your church by and you want it to be unique, original, and professional.