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The Church has also started branding itself with branding related to the community it services. Religious institutions have come to realize the important having the right logo to effectively get their message across to their target market.

Designing church logos is quite different from designing for other industries. The logo designer need to take utmost care in trying to understand what the church is about and what kind of message it is trying to broadcast to it’s community.

People identify with their church. They like to know that they are a part of something that is greater than them and they like to believe in something. Through your church branding, you are giving your believers just that. You are providing them with a religious symbol and one that they can associate with their faith.

You church branding should be extremely professional. There is nothing wrong with a little creativity, but you want a classic design that your older church members will be able to associate with as well. The elders of the church are important members and it is important that you remember them when you are designing the identity.

Apart from the church itself, you may also have several programs that you run out of the church. You may have a daycare or mother’s day out program that may also need an identity. Great ideas for these areas are to draw from the children themselves. Use bright colors and perhaps lines that look like crayons drew them. By doing so, you are giving even the smallest members of your religious organization something to recognize and believe in. Youth groups and associations will also benefit from a strong message that they can associate with. Using what is hip and cool for the age of your youth will be an excellent way to encourage the youth to participate as well as give them something they can believe in.

It is amazing how your church corporate identity can be responsible for so much faith and belief. It is important that you remember whom you are designing for and it is important that you ensure that they will believe in it. It is a great idea to give the children and youth an opportunity to incorporate their own ideas and beliefs into the church logos that they are going to wear proudly and believe in.

Far too often does one church use the same lettering and the same symbols as the next. Involve your members, your youth and your children and encourage them to help you come up with a great church logo design that they will like and believe in.