Chrome Logo Loses Its Shine


Google logos usually don’t change very much; you might see a few alterations on the serifs or a slightly different hue, but very few major revisions. This is why we were shocked to see the latest incarnation of the Chrome logo design.

The original Chrome logo design was shiny and three dimensional in a Web 2.0 kind of way. It used the Google color palette and clearly tied into the brand while maintaining its own identity. In addition, the old Chrome logo looks like a child’s toy—especially to those of us who remember Simon of the eighties. It just doesn’t seem like a design meant to be taken seriously as a technology brand. Is this really the impression that a global leader wants to promote?

However, one of our main issues with this logo was its excessively trendy style. The problem with choosing a very fashionable logo design is that it will look dated after just a few years—if that long. The Chrome logo lacks the timeless appeal of the other designs associated with the Google brand.

Sure enough, the once-trendy Chrome logo already looks a little too old school. But that’s okay because it is already beeh replaced. The new logo design keeps the salient elements of its predecessor, but puts them together in a sleeker, more modern package that will be palatable to the modern audience. As you can see, the same circular shape with three parts is kept, along with the same primary colors. However, instead of a shiny, three dimensional ball, the new logo design is flat and simple.

If you look closely, there is still a little light playing on the logo and a little subtle shadowing, but these elements have been made much less obvious. That phrase—less obvious—indeed could be used to describe the simpler new logo design in general. It is basically the same design as before, but with a more basic framework and less dimension.

The changes made to Google Chrome will also be made to its open source counterpart, Chromium, which has an identical logo except that it is in shades of blue rather than in primary colors. This will help to promote brand continuity between Google’s many ventures. In fact, it could be argued that the new logo serves much better as a part of the Google brand than the old one ever could.

It’s rare for Google to change their logo design, especially just three years after the first was introduced. However, Chrome was due for a little brand refresher, and the results speak for themselves. We predict that the new logo is an improvement, and also that it will last longer than its predecessor.

Rebranding is the best plan if your logo design is feeling a little dated.  A professional logo designer can help you develop a design that is attractive while resonating with your audience. Isn’t that what all businesses, large or small, need? Consult with a professional if you are ready for a change.