Choices in Online Marketing


If you are looking for ways to market your online business, the choices are endless. The internet is full of opportunities, both free and paid, to build your business’s reputation. Here are the top ways to promote your ecommerce website.

  • Search engine optimization. We place this in the first place because it is the most common and most successful strategy in the long term. The pros are obvious: directed traffic with very little expenditure. The cons are that you must constantly stay on top of it. You cannot optimize your website and then be done with it; you must constantly be researching new keywords and putting up fresh content. You also need to keep a watchful eye on Google and other search engines; algorithms change, and a successful strategy today might not be so tomorrow. Also, while this is a good long term strategy, it won’t give you immediate results.
  • Social networking. Again, this is a successful strategy for long term success. It may not immediately increase sales, but it builds your brand and gives your business a great chance at long term success. Like SEO, this takes ongoing effort and watching.
  • Email marketing. Because you are working so hard to get relevant traffic and conversions, why not keep those customers over the long term? Email marketing for most ecommerce businesses involves building a list, and then sending out a newsletter at regular intervals. If you can write the newsletter yourself in a reasonable amount of time, this is not a difficult strategy at all. This may not be a viable way to bring in traffic initially, but as your business grows it can be a viable strategy.
  • Paid search. A lot of ecommerce managers are afraid of paid search—maybe it’s that scary word ‘paid’. There are concerns that they will spend too much money and not get the conversions to pay for it. However, modern paid search, or pay per click (PPC) advertising allows you to set a spending limit. This strategy produces fast and relevant traffic and also allows you to test different versions of your website. While paid search will probably never be one of your top strategies, it is a valuable tool that you should consider.
  • Partnering with related websites. Whatever the type of ecommerce business you are operating, there are probably related websites that would be happy to trade links. This can be an effective strategy, especially in the early days of your website. Search for your top keywords and see what websites come up; then, contact these websites and see if they would like to link-share. Just be sure you aren’t partnering with direct competition, as this can actually lead customers away. Another way of partnering is to offer a special promo code to readers of popular industry blogs.

These are not the only ways to promote your ecommerce website; you are sure to think of other, more creative and personal strategies if you put your mind to it. When making marketing decisions, always think about your brand and your market, then select strategies accordingly.