Chocomize Website


For those of us that are picky about our candy, it can be difficult to find a chocolate bar that entirely meets our needs. It seems like every candy bar on the market has some sort of flaw. The Chocomize website aims to fix this by allowing you to create a candy bar that is exactly as you like it, whether you have traditional tastes or prefer your chocolate with bacon and potato chip mix-ins. While this might be a confusing process for many consumers, the website is designed to make the process easy and clear.

Website Reviewed:

The entire site is designed in brown and other earth tones that are generally associated with chocolate. All of the information you need is included on the front page, which is important when selling a product that is unique to the market. People who come to the website will immediately understand how the system works and what they can do to get their own customized chocolate. It also is obvious that there are two different processes for small and bulk orders, which is an important piece of information.

A professional logo design combined with a few hand-drawn elements maintains a balance between homemade charm and expertise. This is exactly what many people want from their candy.

This website makes a rather complicated concept seem simple and doable for even the most skittish consumers. This is due to attention to detail and a well-designed website. It is a good example of how design can both make life simpler and increase sales.

Creativity: 4 stars. Chocomize is a creative website in that it uses creativity to make a complicated business concept simple. However, there are not a lot of unique elements either in the design or the programming. It would be easy to turn a good website into a great one with just a few little touches.

Ease of use: 4 stars. It’s hard to think of a way for this website to be easier to use, except for one thing. It is mentioned on the homepage and the bulk information page that you can have custom images and print included on the chocolate you order, but exactly how to do this is not clear.

Functionality: 5 stars. There are links to Twitter, Facebook, and an RSS feed.  A blog and a charity information page are also included to help build a brand that will appeal to customers.

Content: 5 stars. The content is well written and easy to understand. Also, the company does a good job of showcasing celebrity clients and how these stars have used their products, giving Chocomize a bit of star power that is so attractive to American consumers.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. The colors and themes of the Chocomize website are oriented to the product and professional as well.

Overall: 4.6 stars. The Chocomize website is attractive and makes a complicated concept simple. It also showcases the company, creating a brand that consumers can’t help but love.