Chiquita Gets New and Youthful Logo


Do you ever pause to look at the logo on your bunch of bananas at the retail grocery store? If you are like most people, you may not look consciously but still subconsciously register the image printed on the little sticker. Until recently, a Chiquita banana had a sticker with a woman holding fruit in a clear blue and yellow. This retail logo has been with the company in a variety of forms since they first became a national brand decades ago.

The woman in the logo was once a large part of the Chiquita brand. She was created for a good reason. When this image was developed, bananas were considered an exotic fruit. The character, Miss Chiquita Banana, was attractive and helped to create a foreign yet familiar and trustworthy feeling for the brand. However, times have changed, and so has public perception of the banana. No longer an exotic choice, Chiquita bananas are an everyday fruit, one of the cheapest available in fact, and even a popular first food for babies. They must compete with a variety of fruits, from the traditional to the truly rare and exotic, and they need a brand that will help them do this.

How can the banana be rebranded? Starting in November, there will be a new logo design on your bananas. With the aim of building a brand that would appeal to younger Americans, Chiquita Brands International invited young and student designers to submit new logos to represent their product. These entries, which totaled around 1,300, were then subject to a vote. One hundred thousand votes later, a logo created by Allan Nacapuy of Chicago’s Harrington College of Design is among the finalists.

What makes this logo appeal to the young audience that Chiquita is trying to woo? First, the logo design retains the blue and yellow color scheme that is relevant even today. Yellow is sunny and obviously relates to the product, while the blue is clean and trustworthy while providing eye catching contrast. Second, the character is modern and stylized. Although it is neither human nor nonhuman, it bears a huge friendly grin and wears a pair of sunglasses that imply sunny weather. Last, the logo design clearly ties into the fruit that it represents, as the character appears to be wearing a banana hat or hairdo of some sort.

This is just one of eighteen logos that are vying for the final position as Chiquita’s new logo. However, all are strong possibilities offering a stronger and more youthful brand than the logo design that Chiquita has used until now. If you have a strong opinion, you should visit the Chiquita website vote for your favorite.

Will the logo design get more young people to choose bananas over other fruits and other types of snack? Logo design can be powerful, but this is a tall order. Even so, the designer of this logo says that he has indeed been consuming more bananas since beginning the design process for this logo. However, mangos remain his first choice in fruit.