Children’s Day NYC Website Review


What could be more fun than a day out in the city with your little ones? If the day includes tons of free activities, fireworks, and ‘celebrity’ appearances from your children’s favorite television programs, you know your family is in for an afternoon of fun. Clearly this year’s Children’s Day NYC marketing committee didn’t have to push very hard to sell this event, but their website is fabulous anyway.

The first thing you notice when you land on the home page (at is the children logo design. Childlike but not childish, this image is brightly colored and features the name of the event along with two children—racially diverse, of course, like the city itself. They are smiling and appear to be having a great time. A boat in the logo ties into the location, which is the South Street Seaport. The blue background is clean and fresh, but also reminiscent of both blue skies and clear waters.

Everything that you need to know about the event is placed in brightly colored block letters at the top of the page, next to the child logo. Busy moms will appreciate this straightforwardness, but additional information is there for people who want it. Tabs take you to pages featuring more detailed information and pictures, while scrolling down the landing page gives the times and places of a few of most popular festivities as well as a list of the children’s television celebrities who will be in attendance.

This website may be childlike, but the developers are clearly aware that adults will be their main audience. While the colors are bright and the pages filled with fun primary shapes, the information is presented in a straightforward format that adults will appreciate. Further, sponsors are prominently displayed and the educational nature of the event is being pushed—two subjects that the average preschooler could not care less about.

This is really what designing a website related to children is about: giving the appearance of child-friendliness but remembering that you are really marketing to parents. Most parents expect childlike elements in websites for events such as this, but you have to make sure that the organization and the information is present as well. Further, the principles of graphic design still apply—you need to have an attractive site with colors and images that will be perceived as relevant to the cause. This is why it is important to have an experienced website designer who has worked on similar projects in the past.

Children’s Day NYC may be a well branded and popular event, but it is not the only such one. Events like this occur in communities all over the country every day. Having a well designed website is one way of getting publicity for any type of event. While paper and other types of marketing and communications are important, a website gives both sponsors and potential attendees a place to turn for all of the information that they need.