Chester Zoo Adopts New, More Versatile Marketing Campaign

By Mash Bonigala

There was a time when visiting the zoo was an adult activity, one for science enthusiasts and nature lovers. In modern times, however, this is an attraction that is most popular among children and the adults that indulge them. Zoos are just beginning to realize this fact and adopt brands and logos that appeal to their core audience. Chester Zoo, located in the similarly named Manchester, has had a child-friendly logo for quite some time, but they recently expanded their identity with a website and marketing campaign designed to appeal to children and the child within all of us, as well as a broader audience of donors.

The logo design used by the Chester Zoo features the name of the organization written in bold, brightly colored letters that appear hand-drawn, definitely appealing to a younger crowd. The strapline, “It’s Real!” seems to differentiate the zoo from the many forms of virtual entertainment that are popular among the younger set (such as television, video games, etc.). The wording is sized and arranged so that the word ‘Zoo’ is centered and given the most emphasis.

The new website and marketing materials are made to be part of the brand although they do not use the same colors or even the same font. These feature pictures of some of the more popular animals at the zoo with hand-drawn white letters in variable sizes and thicknesses. Many have plays on words and other clever slogans. The materials are eye-catching, but they also showcase the reason that families visit zoos in the first place: the animals.

This brand is meant to give the zoo not just child-friendly charm, but a sense of personality as well. The handwriting on the signs makes it feel like a smaller, more personal venture. This will be appealing both to the family-oriented market and the more adult group that is involved in the zoo’s conservation and ecology efforts.

Indeed, the need for a more versatile brand was one of the factors behind this new marketing effort. While we associate zoos with children’s activities, many zoos in the UK are involved in ecology throughout the world, Chester Zoo included. These are not merely displays of trapped fauna, but organizations seeking to preserve the world’s diversity through a variety of means. However, the brand needed to maintain their appeal to children and families while expanding their efforts to other audiences. This can be a tricky job for any company, but still possible with the help of a professional UK logo designer.

The new brand will also include a new fundraising entity formed by Chester Zoo, named Act for Wildlife. This organization will provide the funding for the zoo’s global conservation work. The new brand is versatile indeed, with images that will be used in a website, signage, marketing and all other materials. It is being introduced right now, so check it out when you are in the Manchester area.