Catchy Custom Logo Design? Do Your Homework First


So you are in look out for a cutting edge, catchy, custom logo design! Of course, a professional designer can deliver you exactly the thing that you desire! But don’t you want that extra icing on the cake?

For that you need to do some home work yourself. You give the designer the right clues and the designer gives you back the logo of your dreams plus an enormous cherry topped icing that you haven’t dreamt of.

Focus on the following areas while doing your homework prior to approaching a professional logo designer.

* Logo designing is perceived as one of the most complex branches of graphic design. A logo is the critical combination of concept and technique; creativity and sense of practicalities. Among these the most critical step in logo designing is: selection of the logo concept. It may be straight forward; it may be abstract.

Whatever may be, the concept must be in perfect sync with the company philosophy. While, the designer’s job involves the right visual interpretation of the business message, your job involves giving the exact piece of mind to the designers with regard to your business goals and values, your positive attributes and your strong points vis a vis your business rivals. The more you are accurate in defining your business, the more communicative and lively the logo will be.

* Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is the age old business tricks. This is applicable for the logos as well. You know your competitors; so make research about the logos used in your field. Your logo must look substantially different so that it doesn’t look cliche. You must develop something that stresses on the uniqueness of your product.

The Pepsi logo is a good case in point. At first Pepsi used to flaunt a copycat logo of the Coca-Cola. It was much latter that Pepsi adopted an altogether different logo depicting the earth in red, blue and white and the rest, as they say is history.

* Also make sure of the places where you are going to use the logos. In this age, the company logos appear in all conceivable places starting from the business cards to huge bill boards and balloons to websites. In that case, you have to consider the economic factors as well as the technical aspects of the logo. A very complex logo in complicated color scheme may be blessed with lots of hidden messages, but they are sheer wastage of money as they are expensive to reproduce.

So you must not be biased in your selection: when the designer shows you the first rounds of works, try to understand the reasoning behind the design. You may not like a particular design, but clients are most likely to like that logo and that accomplishes its purpose, doesnt it? On the contrary, if you insist on a particular design, that the designer does not think likely to hit with the customers, just discard it.

So, do your own job perfectly—-give an articulated picture about your company to the designer and let’s the designer do his/ her job. You are sure to find the perfect logo for your business.