Can your company logo make your company look big?


Every day I see at least one project where the client says they want the logo to make their company look big. While this is an interesting notion and nothing wrong with the thought process behind it, I find it difficult to deliver on that promise from a designer perspective.

When clients cite big brands as examples and want a logo that would make them look as big, I try to enter into a dialogue with the client and try and analyze that requirement. Yes, granted a company logo can at times make a company look bigger than it really is. Yes, a skilled logo design team can create a design that looks polished and high quality that in turns makes the company look big. But the fact of the matter is that, a company logo design alone can not enhance the image of a company.

The company logo along with other points of interaction make for an impression that is either big or small. Points of interaction could be things such as the business card design, the website design, marketing materials, decals, sticker, the tone of the company message and even the language used by the person in the company picking up the phone.

So, what can be done to make a company logo enhance the image of a company and make it look big? Now, that is tricky question. Could it be the logo design color, the font, the layout or a combination of all these?

In my opinion, if the logo designer considers the market segment and the target market and tries to design with the flow of the contemporary trends while still trying to make the identity stand out, it definitely could be considered as heading in the right direction. However, simply looking at the major brands and their logos in that market segment and trying to emulate them would not be the answer. In fact I would recommend against looking at the big brands for references. Instead I would recommend looking at the visual clues of the entire market segment as viewed by the target market.

So to go back to the question of weather your company logo can make your company look big, I must admit it is not a straight forward answer. At the risk of alienating some of our customers or potential customers, I must say that trying to design a logo that would make a company look big would lead to failure in most situations. Approaching the design with the target market in mind would be a better solution. If the message can be distilled down and conveyed effectively in the logo design then I would say that looking big would come naturally as a by product.