Can Google Ads Sully Your Brand?


It’s not unusual to go to a website and see a little box from Google Adsense in the corner of each page. Even business websites and other branding sites seem to take advantage of this opportunity. After all, if you can get a little extra income from your website, why not? However, more and more people are finding that Google ads may not be worth the small amount of easy money and are starting to include this in the list of things not to do on your business blog. This is because they often include ads that may not be so good for your brand.

A Little Too Targeted

One of the key problems with Google Adsense is that it offers extremely targeted ads. In fact, they may be just a little too targeted for many people. If you run, for example, a website for your construction website, the links will likely be related to construction. Because Google is so good at “reading” a site, it may be construction companies with similar specialties that are near your area. This means that people who visit your site may end up getting a page filled with ads from your competition.

Conflict of Interest

There are times when running ads for the competition may actually be a best case scenario. Google will run ads from a wider range of moral backgrounds than most of us would have our business espouse. In other words, you may end up with something a little too racy for your customer base on your website. This may be offensive, and it may cause potential customers to leave your site before they can get adequate information or place that important first order. Worse, they may not understand that you are not responsible for the content of Google ads and believe that your business is somehow endorsing the off color websites.

Truth in Advertising?

Another unpleasant possibility is that your customers may be led to misinformation because of Google ads. Some sites are informative in nature, but just plain wrong. Again, customers may misunderstand the way Google ads work and assume that you are somehow responsible for this bad information. If you are like many business owners, you have spent a great amount of time and effort building up your reputation as an expert and don’t need this massive loss in credibility.

For some businesses, it really doesn’t matter what your advertisements say. For others, it can be very important and even crucial to success. There are always other options; if you are interested in making money from your website, you can partner with specific advertisers who are good fits with your brand and don’t present a conflict of interest. There are also programs such as Amazon Associates that allow you to market specific books and products.

Making money from your website is a nice bonus and can cover your web expenses easily. However, it’s important to remember that your website is primarily to market your business. No five dollar advertisement pay off is worth it if there is any chance of conflicting with your brand.