Can Design Make You Happy?


Can design make you happy? Those of us in the UK design world are delighted by good design on a regular basis. In a sarcastic, amused sense, we are often delighted by bad design as well. But even for the less design-oriented, good design can make people happy. People are happier in a beautiful room or a beautiful building. We naturally prefer products that are more attractive. Not to mention that business owners are happy when good logo design brings more customers to their companies.

The idea that design can make you happy is the central theme of this year’s Design Event in the North of England. The event will run for four days in the middle of October and feature exhibitions, talks and street art. In addition, a collection called First Hand will be shown, which is the first exhibition of commercial items designed by the Royal College of Art’s course on Design Products.

The logo design for the event is literally design for design’s sake, as befits the event. The official event logo features a lemon yellow square with lower case black writing in the upper right-hand corner that says simply “design event.” However, the main image being used for the event features the words ‘You Make Me Happy’ with blanks instead of most of the vowels. This sign is written in upper-case letters and justified to the left.

So, what is the point of a design event? On a superficial level, it makes the UK public more aware of the presence of good design in their lives. Less obviously, it allows little-known and newly graduated designers to showcase their work and promote their own careers. Indeed, the North of England is a hot spot for design talent, so it makes sense that the region would have its own design event.

The Design Event in the North of England has grown substantially over just a few years, and it is now a large and well-rounded representation of design in the region. Design is becoming more and more important in modern life, especially when it comes to branding and marketing. Customers are barraged with logos in daily life. While simply having a logo was once sufficient, this is no longer the case. In order for a business to be successful, it must have a logo that has been specially created by a professional UK logo designer to appeal to a very specific market.

One of benefits of having design all around us is that our world is more attractive, full of structures and products that are aesthetically pleasing. Another benefit is that more and more artistically talented young people in the UK are going into the design trades. However, a powerful drawback is that good design has become so ubiquitous that it takes a lot to grab a customer’s attention. People see logos and design all around them, so the field is rapidly changing in an effort to entice a changing market.