Cakes with Personality


Logos represent a brand. But a brand is not the same as a logo. A brand is the perception of people about the quality of a company, especially its products and services. Thus, a brand should successfully convey the vision and mission of a story. A brand should tell a story. And this story should convince people to patronize the products or services. It should also work to improve the reputation of a company.

Brands with good storytelling can create an edge in an otherwise crowded or competitive market. Excellent brand stories can spread like a virus in a positive way when people enjoy or appreciate it. Facebook and Twitter have become potent platforms to help brands get the exposure they need.

TOMS Shoes and Generosity

TOMS Shoes is a brand that has 500 stores worSpellBrandide. Its distinct brand story relies on its mission of donating a pair of shoes for every pair purchased by a customer. This story of philanthropy branched to the One for One campaign in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They share these stories of generosity to people all over the world and it presently has four million views.

Their generous efforts have helped create a positive reputation for their brand that began in Argentina based on the alpargata shoe style. They also reached out to users in social media with a blog where creative partnerships with singer Lenny Kravitz and other releases were discussed.

Mr. Kipling and Cakes with Personality

Cake lovers in the United Kingdom should know about Mr. Kipling and his brand of “Exceedingly Good Cakes.” These have become one of the leading names when it comes to cakes and sweet pastries for decades already. It even has a television advertisement with a gentleman that narrates how he prepares each treat with tender love and care.

But this gentleman in the advertisement is not Mr. Kipling. In fact, there is really no Mr. Kipling! But the brand has been an enduring idea for British consumers. This is the power of branding and Mr. Kipling’s popularity has even extended to social media.

Mr. Kipling tried the social media stratosphere and they found success. They engaged their new digital age with a new character, Mr. Kipling’s fictional wife Mrs. Kipling! And this certain Mrs. Kipling has social media savvy skills. She has a Facebook page with over 100,00 fans and a Twitter account as well.

Mrs. Kipling represented the interactive brand of Mr. Kipling. She would always say that she leaves the baking to her husband. She just discusses baked treats and seeks the opinions of fans about it.

Chrysler and Its Detroit Roots

Chrysler has been one of the most enduring automobile brands in the United State of America. However, the car industry suffered a recession in 2009 and to strike a sympathetic and nostalgic chord, Chrysler rolled out their “Imported from Detroit” campaign. As many people know, Detroit is the hub when it comes to building automobiles.

Chrysler celebrated everything about the city of Detroit. They had a Superbowl commercial featuring Eminem and it reached over 15 million views on their YouTube Channel. They also collaborated with a local favorite band The Juliets to promote Detroit and raise money for Detroit charities.

Nike and Attitude

The quirky logo of Nike has always been associated with sports celebrities and games. They are the world’s leading supplier of sports apparel and merchandise. One of their biggest secrets is to sell the competitive attitude of Nike.

One of their most successful campaigns to promote the edge of Nike is the Livestrong campaign based on acclaimed cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong. Nike created a Livestrong YouTube channel which invited cancer survivors to share their success stories of how they remained integral parts of their communities.

With over 250,000 followers in Twitter and 1.5 million Likes in Facebook, Nike has successfully improved the reputation of its sporting brand while providing a venue where cancer support groups and fundraising centers can collaborate.