Building Your Small Business Brand Online


If you have an online small business, building your online brand is absolutely essential to success. However, even if your business exists mainly offline, an online brand can be a huge asset and even a necessity. Customers in your community are looking online for businesses just like yours. It makes sense to maintain a heavy presence where they are seeking you, which is why you should consider the following tips.

  1. Google yourself.

    As vain as it seems, this is the best way to see at a glance how you are doing when it comes to an online branding. Google your name and your company name, both with and without quotes. You may also want to google key competitors and even search terms related to your industry. This will let you know where you stand when it comes to an online presence and where the competition stands as well.

  2. Get on social networks.

    This advice has been given by every branding and marketing expert on the planet, but many small businesses still aren’t listening. At the minimum, most small business owners need a LinkedIn account, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. The only way to affect what is said about you in these important networks is to join in the conversation.

  3. Build links.

    There is an exponential effect that comes from linking your social networking pages with each other as well as with your blog, your company website and every other presence you maintain on the internet. Visitors to one just might become visitors to the others, allowing your brand to grow quickly.

  4. Put out a continuous flow of positive information about you and your small business.

    You should post mainly about positive things, or you will be associated with negativity. However, it’s important that all of your posts be relevant to your line of business. Talk about latest trends, how to use certain products, and how consumers can use your business to enrich their lives. Similarly, you should comment positively on other people’s social networking accounts and make a special effort to connect authentically with both potential customers and colleagues.

  5. Respond to negative feedback proactively and quickly.

    One of the greatest benefits of having a strong and well monitored online presence is that you can quickly identify and respond to complaints. You should see negative feedback as a way to improve your business and also a way to win back customers that might have otherwise been lost. Respond in a positive manner and try to make your customers happy whenever possible. Because the internet is easily viewable for everyone, your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Does this sound like a daunting list? It is actually only the very basics! There are many more things that you can do to build an online presence. This may seem like a huge task, but it is one that will soon become yet another part of your daily routine. Regardless of the type of company that you run, building your online brand is an essential part of achieving small business success.