British Denim Logo Crosses the Atlantic


Clothing maker AllSaints has managed to win a name for itself throughout Britain as a high end, high street house of denim and more. With edgy details and the most modern cuts, UK women are queuing up to spend enormous amounts of money on this brand. Soon, women in the United States will be able to join them.

Although this is AllSaints’ first foray across the Atlantic, the company has maintained a presence throughout Europe with stores in Paris, Antwerp and Berlin. However, only time will tell whether this brand is enjoys the same kind of popularity in the United States as it has met in Europe. Much of AllSaints’ brand is vintage and even distressed. The current collection includes conventional choices such as boyfriend jeans, wilder options such as leather jackets, and even thinks like silk dresses for the girly-girl inside.

The AllSaints UK clothing logo design is based on its edgy London style with vintage flair. The main market is image conscious young adults with expendable income to spare. Denim is not the only product, but it is certainly the main product. It’s a brand that appeals to people who want to seem fashion forward without being overly frilly or fashionable. In other words, it is haute couture with street sensibility. This paradox has appealed to the young and stylish all over the continent. Style watchers everywhere are wondering: can this uniquely British sensibility appeal to a country known for bling and over the top displays of wealth?

Paul McAdam, corporate executive officer of the North American market segment, believes the USA is ready for the brand. First, the prices are reasonable by high fashion standards. In the midst of a recession, even upscale shoppers will be looking for a cheap couture fix. AllSaints’ may be one of few companies to actually benefit from a down economy. Second, the London-inspired designs are in line with current fads in the United States. There has never been a better time to export a fashion statement of this nature. Further, Americans have shown for decades that they are ready for British fashion logo design. Some UK companies, such as Burberry, now treat the United States as one of their key markets.

In addition to stores in Los Angeles, Miami, and Manhattan, an American e-commerce site will also be opening. This will give American women a chance to sample a brand that the British have loved for years. Americans love a deal, and AllSaints is certainly offering one. Despite its designation as high end fashion, the brand is priced at a point that will appeal to the recession budget—by premium standards at least. Few Londoners can resist high street fashion at an affordable price, and it is easy to project that Americans will follow suit.

Whether AllSaints finds success in this new market remains to be seen. A new market means a new target audience. However, with the brand growing by the minute in Britain, branching out to a global market seems like an obvious next step for this ascending brand.