Britain’s Top Five Football Club Brands


No sport is more popular worldwide than football, and the British certainly share this love. There are so many rivalries that it can be difficult to sort out which are the most popular. The following are the top five football club brands in the UK when it comes to supporters. All of the fans are rallying around these sports logo designs and the clubs that they represent.

Manchester United Football Club Logo

Manchester United. Who doesn’t recognize this logo? With approximately 4,209,000 supporters, Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs in the UK and even in the world. It also has been one of the most lucrative. A chevron takes centre stage, as it is a key part of Manchester’s coat of arms. The devil’s trident that the beast holds refers to the team’s nickname of ‘The Red Devils’. The red and yellow are eye catching and yet traditional, an appropriate image for a football club.

Liverpool F.C. Football Club Logo

Liverpool F.C. What could be on the Liverpool F.C. crest except a liver bird? The red in the logo and on the kit was chosen to convey power and danger, but it is also an eye-catching colour that stands out in a crowd. The Shankly Gates above the logo are placed with the club’s motto and anthem: You’ll Never Walk Alone. While this may not be the number one club in Britain, it has historically been considered the classic British football team, featured in a variety of television programmes, movies, and even a Pink Floyd song.

Arsenal F.C. Football Club Logo

Arsenal F.C. This London club avoids the crest logo seen in the preceding two and instead uses the simpler image of a shield with a cannon. However, this club was not always a branding success story. The crest was changed so many times that it was virtually impossible to copyright. After numerous legal scuffles with counterfeiters, the team made a more permanent switch to a simpler crest that could be legally protected. While many have protested the lack of tradition behind this logo, it nonetheless has garnered much support for the Arsenal.

Chelsea F.C. Football Club Logo

Chelsea F.C. This football club has changed their logo and their kit colours regularly infrequently, which in this case has helped them maintain their club brand. An inclusive circle is an unusual shape in the field of football, and blue is the predominant colour. The lion represents Chelsea, while the three flowers represent Great Britain as a whole. The footballs represent—you guessed it—the game. Attempts to modernize this image have been wildly unpopular among the fans, so it must be a popular logo.

Rangers F.C. Football Club Logo

Rangers F.C. This Scottish football club’s long reaching roots along with a rivalry against the Celtic has become a key part of their brand. The logo, however, is simple. A lion sits inside a football along with the team motto: Ready. The team name is wrapped around as well, although football fans from all over the world need no reminder of who this logo represents.