Britain’s First Global Sports Brand


The British are some of the sportiest people on the globe, with a variety of popular sports clubs and respectable showings in many Olympic sports. However, despite this success, there are no truly global sports brands with roots in the UK. However, future Olympic athlete James Lock is about to change that.

James Lock is relatively young by business standards at just 24 years of age. However, he has been involved in sports for most of his young life. He began playing sports at age 10 and discovered he had a special gift for them. By his junior year he was nationally recognized for both swimming and running. While attending Loughborough University, he began competing in triathlons and discovered he had a gift for this demanding sport.

Lock is not just a triathlete, but an entrepreneur as well. Despite holding a first class degree in Architectural Engineering and Design Management, he is bursting onto the global athletic wear scene with a line of racing attire and equipment for the three sports involved in a triathlon: swimming, cycling, and running.

The athletic brand, called Zone3, uses all of the blessings of technology to create a more comfortable and more competitive racing experience for people competing in triathlons or any of the three sports involved. James Lock has a real advantage in branding this company. First and foremost, he has a built-in spokesperson who is an expert in the sport: himself.

As a competitive athlete, Lock has had plenty of time to contemplate what aspects of his garments would improve his experiences. He noticed that, despite the prominence of British athletes in triathlons, there were no British brands offering apparel for the sport. Most British triathletes wear foreign brands, even though they don’t have the unique features that this UK sport logo design demands.

A key part of Zone3’s brand will be constant technological advances. Lock has implemented several modifications that will improve a triathlete’s time, and more of these are in the works. For example, the new triathlete oriented wetsuit offers special cuffs that make it easier to take off before the cycling segment of the triathlon. This alone can save valuable seconds in a sport where mere seconds matter.

Another key part of Zone3’s branding will be its sponsorship of Olympic athletes. Many of his competitors are currently using this brand of wetsuits, and more will likely be on board by 2012. This will bolster the brand’s technologically advanced image. For normal folk, the brand will begin selling gear in 2010 and is planned to go global at some point in 2011.

With some of the world’s top athletes in general and triathletes in particular, Britain needs and even deserves a globally competitive athletic brand. Lock is sure to find success in his venture simply because this is an unfilled niche. If Zone3 can lift up to its promise of world class athletic wear with the latest innovations, people all over the UK and even the world will be queuing up to array themselves in this brand as they are with the top 5 British football club logos.