Brighton Goes Green


Green living in the UK is becoming more and more popular among individuals and businesses, but it is rare that an entire community signs on to the challenge. This is exactly what Brighton is attempting to do in forming an organization that encourages local businesses and residents to formally join the cause of saving our planet. Best of all, visitors and locals in Brighton will be able to look at this organization’s website and choose a business that supports sustainable living without any further research. This organization is already gaining momentum, with a logo design and a well defined brand to sell its message.

The Green Wave Brighton logo is unique to the organization and the area in which it operates. Green, a colour associated with sustainability, and blue, a colour associated with the ocean, make up the simple colour palette in this design. As a bonus, both colours also relate to the name. The lower case lettering creates a friendly feeling that invites people to join in the mission. A wave is not just relevant to this seaside community, but also a common symbol of change and positive movement. If you are looking for sustainable living by the sea (as the strapline announces), this green logo design makes it clear that Brighton is the place to visit.

Why does a community organization need a logo design? The most important reason is that they must operate like any other business. While they don’t need to invite customers, Green Wave must gain supporters. The organization must make money and inspire local residents to buy into their message. It is incredibly important that Green Wave carefully cultivate a public image and create a brand that encourages support within the community. A community organization logo design is the first step to this kind of loyalty.

If you are looking for a logo design for your own UK organization, there are a few things to consider. First, what kinds of colours are best for your industry and your community? While aesthetics are important, they are not the most important factor. Second, what shapes and images will appeal to your target audience while helping to create the public image that you desire? Last, where will your logo design be used? Because a logo design is an important part of a brand, it’s imperative to think of these issues before unveiling a design.

If this seems like a lot to think about, there is good news. A professional UK logo designer can make this process easy and simple. Professionals know exactly how to create a unique, communicative logo design that will perfect represent your organization and appeal to your community’s tastes and preferences. Your business doesn’t fit inside any box, so you deserve more than a modified template or an amateur job.

If you are ready to take the next step to a recognizable and lovable brand, don’t let anything hold you back. Contact a UK logo designer today and find out how you can get the logo and brand that your company needs.