Branding Yourself


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When you think of branding, you probably think immediately of your company brand. However, your personal brand that works can be just as important—and just as influential in the future of your company. Consider the well known entrepreneurs out there—Richard Branson, Donald Trump, and Steve Jobs just to name a few who have made their brand a way of life. These powerful men all have personal brands that equal or even exceed that of the businesses they run. Here are a few ways to build your personal brand in a way that will help your small business succeed.

  1. Develop your brand.

    What kind of person are you? What aspects of your personality or life are unique and also will appeal to your target market? It is important to hone in on a few key attributes and then work on presenting these. This will be the basis of your personal brand.

  2. Learn to be an expert.

    The media loves to feature experts, and consumers love to buy from them. What does this mean for your business? That you will need to become an expert in a field related to your small business. Learn all you can about this field and then begin to weigh in on contemporary topics related to your subject.

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    Market yourself like a business.

    Just like your business, you should have a personal website and a blog under your full name, both of which should be created with your desired personal brand in mind. This will allow people to find you and place your material at the top of any search for your name. Link these sites to your Facebook Brand and other social networking as well. This will allow people to interact with your personal brand and to get in touch with you in a variety of ways.

  4. Network with others in your field.

    The aforementioned social networking sites are part of this, but you need to make a personal effort as well. Reach out to people in your industry, including suppliers, other business owners, and potential customers. Form relationships by helping people and working together. Try especially hard to identify people who are in your target audience. Once you have these relationships, be sure to maintain them through occasional contact. While this may seem like a lot of work, it will pay off because your contact will remember you and know the kind of person you are.

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    Woo the media.

    The media is always in need of experts to back up their case, and you can be that expert if you have completed the previous four objectives carefully. This will give your personal brand more positive marketing than almost any other method. It will also give your company positive exposure, allowing you to the reap the benefits of your hard work.

Building your personal brand can be crucial to building your small business brand, especially if you create brands that are complimentary to each other. If you need help, talk to a branding consultant today.