Branding the Bird


You probably don’t pay a lot of attention to the logo design on your chicken—or do you? Logos have a very subtle and often subconscious effect on consumers. A lot of people put the same brands in their cart week after week, and professional branding is art of their motivation for doing so. You just might be picking your favorite brands, even grocery store brands, because of a brand promise and a professional logo design.

Pilgrim’s Pride is rebranding and has introduced a new logo design with the hope that more people will choose their brand of chicken. The original logo featured an old-fashioned oval with a profile of a pilgrim in the center. A blue banner crossed the lower end of the shape, and the founder’s signature was at the bottom. This logo design was not really bad, but it was somewhat of a cliché. If a design student were told to draw an old fashioned food logo, it would likely look a lot like this one.

The new logo design has the same patriotic color scheme, but the pilgrim has been dropped. The word ‘Pride’ has been eliminated as well. In fact, most of the logo is gone, with only the image of a rooster and the word ‘Pilgrim’s’ left in the design. If you examine the rooster and the line beneath it, it subtly resembles a pilgrim’s hat, although we’re not sure whether this was intentional.

The result is a more modern brand, but also a friendlier one. Few people associate a pilgrim with good chicken, so the image of the bird is definite an improvement. The chicken looks proud and happy, and is reminiscent of old-fashioned farms where the rooster’s crow served as an alarm clock. It detracts from the negative images that many of us associate with commercial meat farms, making consumers feel better about buying the products. Further, instead of using bold letters in all caps, the font is more approachable and welcoming with no serifs.

One thing to consider in this type of logo is that it is usually used on packaging, which means that it is somewhat stretched and distorted. A simpler logo design like the new one will be more recognizable even when slightly ‘bent out of shape’.

Chicken may not seem like big business, but Pilgrim’s Pride is a Fortune 500 company that supplies KFC and, of course, your local grocery store. In fact, they are the largest provider of chicken in the nation, with over 41,000 employees. Having a food brand and logo design that inspires consumers to purchase their product over the many options in the meat section is part of the company’s success.

Branding is an important part of any company’s success. Logo design is in turn a visual representative of that business brand. If you need help developing a brand and a logo design that represent your company and convince customers to choose you contact a logo designer today.