How Important Is Branding To Luxury?

Without branding, there can be no luxury. A bold statement, I agree, but one that is rooted in facts. When you decide to buy a gift, depending on how much you want to spend, you usually decide on a brand first and then the product. Or you may think of a product out of a particular brand. The distinction is blurry.

A great example is that of the automobile. At the turn of the century, there were very few cars because only the rich could afford them. A car was a luxury. But when car production was revolutionized and they became a commodity, how could one consider the car a luxury? That is where branding came in. You would like to drive a Mercedes or BMW if you would like to show your wealth and status. Or perhaps you would like a Ferrari or a Bugatti if you want to show you are filthy rich.
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The Branding Guide to Launching a Successful Mobile App

Branding is defined by the American Marketing Association (AMA) as “a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those other sellers.”

In other words, branding is what makes you a household name. Branding is the reason people say, “I need to pick up some Windex” instead of “I need to pick up some window cleaner.” It’s why you say “I’m going to Instagram this” instead of “I’m going to use an app to take a picture, apply a filter and then share the picture.”

Branding is what defines your app.
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Your Brand Is Your Best Weapon

Running a business can be hard, in any economic climate but more so in the current one. To help you through this battle, your brand is one of the biggest weapons you possess. But few understand the power of this weapon and how to use it effectively.

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How To Build A Luxury Brand (#1) – SERVICE

How To Build Luxury Brand Service
In today’s episode I look at a client’s question about how a brand can define itself as a luxury brand. There is no set definition of luxury. Ask your clients what Luxury means to them – it is all about perception. In different countries and cultures, luxury is defined differently : for example would you consider Lacoste to be a luxury brand? In the US, perhaps not. But in China, it is!

First of all “premium” does not mean luxury and luxury does not always means premium. Most people think luxury to be “expensive” but that is not the case.
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Brand Value Proposition

In a recent post on launching your clothing line brand, one of the most critical elements of a brand that I wrote about was Brand Value Proposition. Most businesses do not really understand or are not even aware of this concept. Understanding it and applying it to your business will help your business ascend to the next level like how one of our clients used the message of positiveness to stand apart from the crow.

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