Body Jewelry Website Review

By Eva Alsis

Ines de Castilho is offering a product that is unique, modern, and beautiful at the same time: temporary tattoo-like body jewelry. Women have loved jewelry for millennia, and tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable in all circles. Thus, we predict that many women will appreciate the skin jewelry for sale from this company. However, because this is a rather unusual product, it is important that its website present it in a beautiful and brand-oriented way. This website is as unique, modern, and beautiful as the concept it represents thanks to CSS design.

Website Reviewed: Castilho Website

The landing page features deep, seductive colors and photographs of models wearing the skin jewelry. However, this site is not all form and no function; customers can find everything that they need here. A navigation bar allows access to information about website store, news, and other information. A special tab is given to wedding jewelry, which is a little odd considering that this is just one of the brand’s many offerings. In addition, a small amount of contact information is included.

While the website is working hard to build the brand, it appears to be working alone. There is no Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking page—at least not that this website links to. The ‘Club’ tab leads to a page of product reviews from satisfied customers, while may or may not be enough to convince a potential customer to buy.

In addition, the copy feels a little unprofessional. While it is difficult to write proficiently in a second language, this is a good reason to hire a native English speaker to write your copy—especially if you are trying to present an attractive and professional brand.

Despite these small issues, the Ines de Castilho website is a beautiful and sophisticated representative off the company brand. The website is black and white, but it manages to maintain a level of detail that makes it feel sophisticated rather than plain. Most important of all, the jewelry is shown to its best advantage.

Creativity: 5 stars. This website uses a variety of photography and design elements to show the products in a striking way. We think jewelry consumers will love this brand and the website that represents it.

Ease of use: 4 stars. The navigation bar makes it easy to find what you need. Everything seems relatively intuitively designed, which adds to the general usability. We suggest making products searchable in a variety of ways—such as by price—for further success.

Functionality: 2 stars. No Facebook? No Twitter? It’s hard to believe that a modern website could be without at least one of these, but there are no links on the website.

Content: 3 stars. As we mentioned, the English errors are obvious and very distracting.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. Despite its problems, the website is very appropriate for the Ines de Castilho brand. We hope that it will bring many sales for the company and be the growth tool that every new company needs to make it in a difficult market.

Overall: 3.8 out of 5 stars.