Body Blitz Babes Logo


If you are a female in Lincolnshire interested in staying fit, you have probably heard of Body Blitz Babes. If not, you are sure to hear of it soon, as the company recently had their logo and website redesigned to promote their services. With bold colors and shapes, there is no missing this vibrant website and logo design.

Body Blitz Babes features fun fitness for women, with fitness classes, interval training, step classes, cardio dance lessons, and even cheerleading fitness routines offered in several sites throughout the area. Their new website positions them as a leader in the UK fitness scene.

The colors of the website are a vibrant orange and yellow, high intensity colors that are modern at the same time. This is sure to be attractive to a young and energetic female looking for fitness classes and services. Stylized female shapes dance through the landing page, while tabs keep the site well organized. This website is simple, easy to use, informative, and an important part of the Body Blitz Babes brand.

The new logo design occupies a prominent place at the top of the webpage. It uses the same bright energetic colors as the website and the same dancing female images. The writing is bold and ultra-simple, with the female figures making up parts of the lettering. This logo design is simple, but it does a great job of portraying key information about the company it represents.

The company is planning to use their newly designed brand to boost them to market dominance. In addition to a new logo design and website, Body Blitz Babes will have redesigned business cards, stationery, brochures, and other media that promote their new and improved brand.

If you are running a small, local business and wonder how to take control of your field, a new professional visual identity may be just the answer you seek. This logo design is not just a picture, but a part of the whole Body Blitz Babes experience. You can look at the image and get an immediate idea of what to expect from the business. More important, this logo design and brand are directly relevant to their target audience. Women who are interested in fitness who live in the Lincolnshire area will notice this logo design quickly due to its eye-catching nature. They will know immediately whether this brand meets their needs and whether they will enjoy being customers here. In short, this logo design communicates vital information about Body Blitz Babes, which is the most important duty of any logo design.

Logo design is not just a branch of graphic art, but a branch of communication as well. As we can see here, color, shape, and other visual aspects can be used to tell people about your company in a language more powerful and more effective than words. If you are interested in having a similarly relevant image designed for your company, talk to a professional logo designer today.