BoBelle Branches Out


If you are fan of ethically made leather, you’ll be happy to know that BoBelle London is expanding and even offering a new ‘Black Label’ collection. The earth and animal conscious brand hopes to give you Christmas options that you hadn’t considered with a new London Boutique.

BoBelle will also be opening a new boutique, most likely along the same line as its existing shops. At these boutiques, a variety of fashionable items and accessories are made by hand from eel leather. This business model has proved incredibly effective, with customers flocking to buy these exotic goods. The clothing logo design is well recognized throughout London.

If you think eel leather doesn’t sound ethical at all, think again. Eel leather is actually a waste product from the eel industry in Asia, where these animals are farmed because of their popularity. The eel skin is usually discarded, but BoBelle’s success indicates that people are willing to wear products made out of its leather. There is actually a long tradition of this, with Greek Mythology considering eel skin a good luck charm and a love talisman. Now, modern women in London and in the UK can see if this product changes their own fate.

This folklore is a central part of the brand. Every item at BoBelle is named after a Greek goddess. Another key part of the brand is its ethical treatment of animals and ecological awareness. Using waste products both saves other animals from similar fates and recycles a formerly discarded item. Many people in London and all over the UK can identify with this aim to keep the Earth as clean as possible while letting animals live happier lives.

If you are worried about braving the holiday traffic, this business has made it easier than ever to shop. BoBelle employs a green courier who will ferry your chosen gifts around London without having a harmful effect on the environment. Gift wrapping in simple white paper tied with raffia adds to the earthy image. Further, all accessories are placed in entirely recycled packages with completely biodegradable packaging materials. You can feel good about sending one of these gifts to a coworker or friend.

The new Black Label will be released any day, but no one yet knows what to expect from the products. The only certainly is that these will likely be accessories made out of eel leather. Nor can we go from prior trends: a variety of products were popular last year, from handbags to belts. The most popular colour was deep purple; a waiting list for these items is a regular part of the store.

Whatever items your Christmas list includes, you are sure to find a few suitable things at BoBelle’s for your friends and family. Best of all, the products are completely guilt free, allowing you to truly enjoy the giving nature of the season. This fashion logo design brand is one that will keep you coming back for this rare, recycled product. With new locations and more slated to open, there’s sure to be one near you.