BNP Gets New Logo


Political logos are becoming increasingly common—and increasingly high quality—as UK political parties attempt to market themselves using the same methods we have seen from corporations. In fact, brand is becoming one of the most important selling points that a political party can have. A professional brand and logo design may appeal to diverse audiences in London and other parts of the UK while a political party’s actions… not so much.

In keeping with this trend, the British National Party unveiled their newest logo design at the group’s annual conference in the East Midlands this past December. The logo design features the familiar Union flag in a stylized heart. Next to the heart is the party’s full name in the royal blue seen on the flag as well as a slightly lighter hue.

What does this logo design mean for the BNP? First, they are moving away from their acronym. The party hopes to segue to using their full name in publicity and party documents. This will help them to shed any negative associations with their shorter, formerly used name. Second, this is an attempt to show their national pride while also softening their image a little. The heart is a very friendly and generally liked in logo design by younger audiences. On the other hand, the writing is as straightforward as can be and uses highly serious and professional letters. The party is rebranding and wants for people in the UK to see them as a gentler yet still strong choice.

The brand of British National Party is important as local and national elections loom near. The party needs to promote themselves in a way that appeals to the British voters and tones down their previous public image a little. As BNP leader Nick Griffin told the conference, “This logo will illustrate what this party is all about.”

So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The more than two hundred delegates at the conference showed almost unanimous approval for the design. Whether UK voters both regionally and as a whole feel the same way remains to be seen. Ultimately, the test of the British National Party’s new brand will be the upcoming elections.

Political parties are second to none when it comes to marketing and public relations. If you think about it, there is very little difference in our overall quality of life in the UK from year to year, no matter who is in charge. People are voting not just for particular candidates and causes, but for the more abstract principles that they represent. Branding is very important in portraying what a political party is all about.

Does your business have a logo design and brand that will inspire your potential customers to vote with their pocketbooks? If not, you may be losing your constituents! The UK is a competitive market for businesses large and small, so it is important to present a brand that shows people exactly why you are the right choice for them.