BMW Logo Design Appears in Surprising New Place


We are all used to seeing logo design all around us. Increasingly, UK brands are finding more and more unconventional places to promote their company and their products. However, German car manufacturer BMW may have found the most unusual place to put their logo design: on the inside of consumer’s eyelids.

People at a theater in Germany were the first to see the ad, which never showed the actual BMW logo. However, a flash of specially designed lighting created an effect that made these viewers see the logo design on their eyelids whenever they closed their eyes. This gives new meaning to the term ‘branding’, as the image is effectively branded onto consumer’s eyelids for several minutes after they view the commercial.

How does this new advertising trick work? Many of us have noticed that looking at a bright light source, such as the sun, can create a spot in your vision that is most visible when you close your eyes. Photography flash also noticeably creates this effect. This advertisement used a light flash similar to that seen in photography. In front of the flash was a negative image of the automobile logo design. Because the equipment was placed behind a movie screen, viewers did not see it. However, at the end of the commercial segment, the flash was triggered that placed the BMW logo on the eyelids of viewers.

This was clearly a well-thought-out and expensive advertising trick, but how effective will it be? Because many people in the media and beyond are discussing the advertisement, it certainly is a valuable publicity tool. It underscores BMW’s reputation as a technological leader and gets us all talking about the auto brand.

However, there are drawbacks. It is unknown how this flash of light would affect viewers with epilepsy and migraine disorders. If someone had suffered physical harm or discomfort from the advertisement, BMW might be getting a very different and less positive type of publicity.

In order for marketing to be effective, it needs to promote the brand and logo design while making a memorable impression. This advert certainly promotes the BMW brand. Further, people in the movie theater will probably remember this experience for years to come due to its uniqueness. However, if this method of advertising becomes commonplace, it will no longer have this value. In fact, it might become annoying and even cause viewers to worry about damage to their eyes.

This advertisement technique will only work as long as it is used sparingly. Further, if anyone but BMW tries it, they will be seen as copycats. Unique advertising can be highly memorable and effective, but it needs to be truly unique and promote the brand it represents. If this advertisement had been, for example, for a furniture store, it would not have really made sense.

Your brand and logo design need to be unique and also to have unique marketing. If you want to make an impression that your customers will never forget—in a positive way, of course—talk to a branding consultant today.