Blogging for Your Brand


Many people think of blogging as a way of disseminating personal information and sharing cute pictures of your children. However, there many benefits for a small business as well. If you are looking for a way to build your business and get more exposure for your brand and logo design, blogging can be a great way to go. In fact, recent studies have found that a blog can increase traffic to your website by an average of thirty percent. Here are a few tips for starting a blog that will be an asset to your small business brand.

  1. Talk to a professional.

    It is possible for even the most inexperienced computer user to start a blog, but the blog will not be the professional tool that you need. The first step to starting a business blog is to talk to a professional graphic designer. This person can help you set up a blog that will be linked to your website and be a good visual representation of your brand. Further, a professional can often make it easier for you to post and to organize past posts, creating a blog that is user friendly for both you and your readers.

  2. Identify your audience.

    Before you begin to blog, you need to know who your target reader will be. This will determine the tone and language used in your blog as well as the type of subjects you will be blogging about. You will need to adjust your level of humor and the amount of advertising as well. In short, as in all other aspects of marketing, you must consider your audience at every juncture.

  3. Give them a reason to read.

    No one is going to visit your blog if you don’t present interesting and informative information in every post. You need to have something important to say and a little bit of expert knowledge to share. Moreover, you should have a strong opinion on subjects that affect your industry. Don’t be afraid of stepping on toes; if you are civil and open-minded, most of your readers will respect you more for even a dissenting.

  4. Keep a sense of fun.

    Why would anyone read a blog that is boring or tedious? They have no reason at all. If your readers want news, they can turn to one of the many newspapers on the internet or to news programs on television. If you want to capture the attention of your audience, you need to make reading your blog a fun, humorous, and entertaining event.

  5. Consider hiring out the job.

    As with any other task, some people are good at writing while others simply aren’t. If you have a talented writer in your office, consider having them do the blogging for you. If you don’t have any natural writers on staff, consider hiring a consultant to manage your blog posts. The grammar, syntax, and sense of style you display on your blog will be a direct reflection of your company, so it pays to put your best foot forward.