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When designing a blog logo design for the blogging community it was important to understand that for the most part a blog is content driven. Because of the type based nature of a blog web site it can be very difficult to grab a readers attention and interest. The blogging community has such as large number of competing bloggers that having a solid logo can help grab the interest of a potential reader and lead them into the content creating potential blog subscribers.

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As any writer will tell you, it is getting more and more difficult to make a living in writing today. Writers can no longer rest on their work alone; they must present a brand that makes editors and readers feel just a little more interested in them. For this reason, writer logos and publisher logos are both becoming more common.

If you are new to the word of branding, you likely are curious about what makes a blog logo design perfect for a writer or publisher. Because this is a creative, diverse, style oriented field, there are a huge variety of different logo styles. There may be as many styles of writer logos and publisher logos as there are writers and publishers, but most follow a few guidelines.

Creative Font. Generic wording just won’t do for people who live by their words. Writer identities tend to have very creative fonts, from scrolling cursive lettering to wording that looks like it came out of the Space Age. If you take the time to communicate your personal style to your designer, they will know how important words are to you and make sure that the words in your blog logo design do you justice.

Careful Color Selection. Color is important in all logos, but especially so in creative ones such as writers and publishers identities. Nothing will affect the mood of your logo so much as the color combination. If you want a modern and sophisticated feeling, black and white may be an appropriate and elegant logo design choice. However, using lesser used colors such as orange or purple can make your logo stand out while marking you as creative. Whatever your genre, there is sure to be a color choice that will create a beautiful and expressive logo.

Image and shape. Writer and publisher brand marks often have images and shapes that reflect their genre, but this is not by any means a rule. You can also choose to use an image that is related to literature or the field of writing, such as a book, a pen, or a quill. If you prefer a more abstract design, designers are experts at creating images that invoke particular emotions while also being subtle and beautiful.

Once you have a company logo design created, you should consider having stationery designed as well. Sending out queries and other communication on professional quality letterhead will set you apart from your less professional competition. Because many people skip this important step, it can really make you stand out as a professional in your field.

Is professional branding necessary for success? They may not be completely necessary—there are certainly good examples of success stories who have done without them—but they certainly give you a leg up on the competition. If you are ready for a professional image that other people take seriously, talk to a designer today about what kind of logo will best represent you and help you stand out in your field.

Writer Logo Design

Every company seeks to differentiate itself from its competition. Through varying marketing concepts, segregating the target demographic to serve each segment individually and of course making a strong brand image. Logo Designs of a company become icons which consumers can relate to and identify the company with. Here is a simple walkthrough of how one might go about creating a logo for a writing company.

The first step is to determine what the target audience is. In this case we will say the company specializes in writing original website content and is an independent contractor. The target audience of the logo are companies who look for professionalism, accuracy, and a high degree of readability. We will look at a fictional company called Archimedes writing.

Archimedes is the name of a Greek writer who was also a philosopher, mathematician and engineer who is considered one of the great minds of classical antiquity. The name itself conjures images of books and reading for many people. Because the company expects it’s clients to be well educated, it is assumed they would understand the reference.

We have a large base of ideas we could use for the publisher logo. The company will want to stay with something that conjures the written word. The word Archimedes should be incorporated with a strong bold font. Because the writer logo design will likely be on a website, it should work at different sizes, and should be distinguishable in each size.

So in short, the writing company logo design, for the sake of argument, is a sphere with the capitol letter “A”, over the top would be the word “Archimedes” and on the bottom of the sphere would be the name of the company. It would be plain, just black on an off white field, to represent parchment. The icon for the website would be simply the sphere with a letter A inscribed on it.

This image is one that is exact and professional, the type of image the company wishes to convey to the target market which is likely well educated and who know exactly the type of writing they require. The image is strong but not over stated, as they are a contractor or subcontractor who specializes in creating content for websites. They do not need an image for the public at large, hence an understated color scheme.

When the business interacts with prospective clients, they can put the writing company logo design on various office supplies they might give to prospective clients such as pens or note pads to keep their company name in mind when looking for a writing team.

For smaller companies the use of a logo is the mainstay of their advertising strategy. Usually these companies grow through word of mouth, gaining a following by their reputation alone. The only part of the company some can latch onto other than the idea is the logo. This logo has to say volumes about a company, because the company’s image is the logo.

Strong writing company logo design is great way of establishing their business image, especially when advertising budgets are small or non-existent. So keep that in mind when designing a logo, and remember for some people it will be the only thing they know about your company.