Better Hosting With Bacon?


Unusual names seem to be a must in the web hosting world, and HostBacon is no exception. It is named for a food that is a guilty pleasure for most of us. This unusual name actually makes for an interesting logo design, brand, and CSS website.

The landing page features—as one would suppose—a logo that proudly bears a slice of bacon. A cartoony bacon character also graces this page, next to basic information of the web hosting services. A navigation bar includes links to services, domain names, support and of course, why bacon?

Website Reviewed: HostBacon

Website URL: Host Bacon

A list of benefits is on the front page, explaining why you should choose HostBacon over more conventionally named competitors. Similar information is offered on the Why Bacon? page, along with a short explanation of the reasoning behind the name. The reason is that, according to the website, bacon makes everything better, and so does this service. It is a fun ‘extra’ in many dishes, and this host claims to offer plenty of tasty extras in their web hosting packages. The tagline of the company is this: Everything is better with bacon! There is even a graphic showing you why you should choose the company.

So the brand is not just humorous, but relevant to the business as well. There are also more detailed links at the bottom of the page, including information on security certificates and the like, as well as links to social media websites. The knowledgebase section of the support page has a huge amount of information, including detailed instructions for getting a .au or .nz prefix for your website. Because this is an Australian web host, that is very important information indeed.

This website does not have a lot of knock-your-socks-off extras, but it has a strong brand and explains their company and their product well. It has memorable graphics and an even more memorable brand.

Creativity: 4 stars. This is a solid, well-rounded website, but it lacks a lot of the fun features that we see in other CSS websites. There is a lot of potential here that hopefully will be realized eventually.

Ease of use: 5 stars. The website is incredibly easy to use. The most important information is on the landing page, which allows customers to see quickly whether or not this is the right host for them.

Functionality:  4 stars. There are ample social networking links—on every single page in fact. However, they are buried at the bottom of the page, below even the ‘fine print’. These links should be a little easier to find; more people will click them if they are moved to a better position.

Content: 5 stars. The content is well-written and very easy to read. It is free from errors and gives the professional image that a technology company needs.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. The bacon character is humorous and fun, as is most of the website. However, HostBacon does not let its humor get in the way of providing appropriate information or presenting itself as a professional entity.

Overall: 4.6 out of 5 stars