Best Global Green Brands


A few days ago, branding research company Interbrand released a list of the top fifty green brands on the globe. Not surprisingly, Japan held their own in the top ten, with Prius maker Toyota in the first slot.

The brands were scored according to a complex yet standard score, with categories such as governance, operations, supply chain, transportation and more. The companies were given a score for each category which was added into a total score. It is not surprising that Japan is among the green brand leaders; an island with limited resources, Japan has more pressure to be efficient and non-wasteful than a vast country with endless supplies and space.

Toyota definitely is recognized both in the United States and globally as a green brand. The Prius was just the first of the company’s innovations in powering transportation with alternative fuel sources. The hybrid system has already become one of the front-running technologies in the fight to downsize carbon footprints. Further, this was not simply done in response to customer demand; Toyota has been instrumental in creating that customer demand with green branding and also has less visible green business practices that make them a model of capitalistic ecology.

Green branding and green logo design are important because these issues resonate with modern customers. Most people care about sustainable practices, recycling, and other green issues. If you have a green company that is being innovative in its pursuit of a healthier planet, you should make this the basis of your logo design and brand. To downplay your green activities is to hurt your business unnecessarily.

Green business practices can be a great way to differentiate your company from the competition as well. While many consumers care about the fate of our planet, corporations and small businesses have been slow to meet this demand. Making your green brand a part of your logo design and other visual elements can set you apart in a very positive way.

There are several ways of creating a green logo design for your green business. In many cases, these use earthy colors, often including green of course, as well as natural images. You can also tie into green technology or other parts of the ecology movement. There are as many types of green branding and logo design as there are green businesses.

Japan was hailed as the global leader of green brands, with the headline “Japan Dominates” on the project page, but it should be noted that the United States did not have a poor showing by any means. 3M was in the number two slot, with other American companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett Packard, Dell and Cisco. In fact, the US has a better showing in the top ten both in terms of total scores and numbers of companies that made the mark. No one wants to point to the big, wasteful USA as a green nation, but obviously our corporations are trying to make the necessary changes for a green future. Germany also made a good and largely unrecognized showing.