Best British Design Brands


London inspired the world during the 2012 Olympic Summer Games with rock and royalty. British culture and sensibility have never lacked style and class. With the conclusion of the Olympics, we take a look at the best design brands of the United Kingdom and see how each of their logos has affected the branding of their company.

&made Studio

The company name of &made Studio is already unique. The use of an ampersand (&) in the brand name makes it stand out among the competition. The portfolio of the company also features innovative and even ethnically conscious designs for furniture and interior projects. The logo of &made Studio reflects this brand direction with a huge and cursive ampersand emphasized with the word “made” spelled out in small letters.

&made Studio is an award-winning design firm started in 2006 by David Cameron and Toby Hadden. Its clients are blue chip companies such as the Design Museum, MoMA, Paul Smith and Terrence Conran.

Fenella Smith

Fenella Smith specializes in tableware. Its logo is a gray typeface with serifs, emanating a sense of formality with an edge of creativity. Fenella Smith has been known for her eccentric bohemian upbringing and it shows in her tableware designs. One of her favorite design series is her animal collection. She also has a Luke Martineau range available online.

Matthew Hilton

Matthew Hilton has always emphasized his independence in both design and manufacturing. He creates the blueprint of all his pieces and this reflects the quality and authenticity of his work. One of the highlights of his work is the Ibston Chair that is both unfussy and beautiful.

The typeface of Matthew Hilton is a simple and small white font. But the complexity of his mind can be seen through his sophisticated logo: three columns that seemingly form his initials of M and H.

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is a renowned industrial designer noted for his avant-garde yet approachable designs. It has a solid line of furniture but most are captivated by his light fixture designs. The logo of Tom Dixon forms the name of top of each other with a highlight on two dots from the “I” of Tom Dixon and a period to end the name.

Tom Dixon has been running his lighting and furniture firm since 2002 as part of his commitment to revive the British furniture industry. He has been successful in that mission.

Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison is another London mind that has fascinated many with his Cork Family collection that explores tough yet lightweight furniture made of sustainable materials. His logo is a simple black typeface without any complexity. He favors minimalism as a consistent theme for his works that expand to electric equipment, sofas, chairs, lighting and office furniture.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith has always been one of the best British minds when it comes to fashion design and his creative flair is reflected in his cursive and playful logo exhibiting his name. He has introduced innovations in home décor pieces as well from furniture, wall hangings, rugs and even pillows. He makes it a point to emphasize striking colors.

Paul Smith has emerged as one of the top names in British design ever since he opened a 1970 shop when he was still very young.

ATELIER Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern has always been about luxurious projects from resorts, residential homes to commercial properties. Her creative energy has been focused on home products with an undeniable edge in innovation. Her Genuine Fake Bookcase Wallpaper is a favorite of many magazines, books and TV programs. She knows how to combine her flair for colors with her sense of practicability. Her logo reflects this with a simple white font over a black background.

Ernest Race

Ernest Race is a pioneer of British midcentury design that experimented on shapes and unconventional materials. His Antelope chair was a favorite of outdoor cafes with its exquisite use of plywood. The logo of his brand has no such distinction and it works for his company because the attention focuses solely on his portfolio.

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

The partners Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have worked on sculptural shapes since their time studying architecture from the Royal College of Art in London. They even designed the London Olympic Torch and it has received the Design of the Year award for 2012.