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Pro Salon Studios came to SpellBrand to help them create a stunning new logo design and brand identity for their new concept salon where they offer modern, fully equipped, studio sized salons ready for business.

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Crown Worthy is a hair salon specializing in hair restoration. They try to diagnose & treat clients who are experiencing hair loss, excessive breakage etc.

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There are many products and services available to both men and women that help to enhance beauty and grooming. Your brand mark should be designed so that you portray a look of professionalism and should target the clientele that you are seeking to your business. Popular Beauty Salon businesses that should have a professional image including massage therapists and tanning salons that offer training for these types of businesses.

Branding is very important for companies in this market sector. It is highly competitive and attracting the right kind of clientele requires the right of message in your branding. Of course if you are the only option in a region for beauty services, then perhaps even a mediocre image and brand may work. However, to achieve top results in terms of creating bran recall which ultimately results in increased revenues, a top notch beauty salon logo and brand is required.

In fact what you charge for your beauty services depends on how people perceive your business which in turn is determined by your brand image. One of our clients used to charge $45 to $50 for hair perming. Occasionally they used to offer a 10% or 20% discount on this service just to motivate people to buy this service. When they approached SpellBrand to rebrand themselves and create an enhanced beauty salon logo design, we realised that they were actually charging less than their competition. In fact another beauty salon in the same mall was charging twice as much. Now, even though the client did not engage us to help them position them in the market place, we took it up ourselves as responsible design professionals to ensure we created a beauty logo that would lead to branding that would position our client correctly and give them the confidence to charge the correct rates for their services.

That is the power of the right salon logo design and branding.

A professional portrayal is important in any type of beauty logo design including spa logo design or even a fitness logo. Your ultimate goal is to get brand loyalty. You want your clients to come back to you for all of their beauty Salon needs. Your beauty studio logo design will be what they associate your business with and therefore should have a professional appearance. You also want a unique design that would set you apart.

However you choose your company logo to portray your business, you want to be sure that the message is positive. Positive feedback from consumers is an important aspect in brand loyalty and marketing and this holds true for beauty businesses. You also want your clients to feel that they are beautiful and fit and that your business helps keep them that way.

We have tremendous experience in creating corporate identities for companies in the beauty Salon industry.

To create these identities we take great care to ensure that the beauty salon logo captures the essence of the company. We strive to show not only what the company does but how it does it. Some designs need to be vibrant and active, some need to be calm and tranquil.

Beauty Logo Design

Because beauty is by nature an image oriented business, a high quality, professional identity is crucial to the success of your business. However, not just any logo will do. You need a beauty studio logo that represents your unique vision of beauty and shows your customers what they can expect from your business. Here are a few of the ways your design can accomplish this.

Colour Me Beautiful

How important is colour? Because colour is an important part of beauty, there is no field of logo design where colour is more important. Traditional feminine colours such as pink, purple, and red are often seen here, but a beauty identity is not limited to these by any means. You can choose a more modern colour palette, a more sophisticated one, or even a boyish set of colours if that is what suits your brand the best. Some of the most iconic brands have even used stark black and white with great results—think of the designs of brands such as Chanel and L’Occitane. Your logo designer will work with you to develop the perfect colour palette for your business.

What Type of Typeface Is Best?

What typeface represents your beauty business best? Perhaps you are a traditional brand where bold, traditional fonts with serifs would be appropriate. Maybe you are flowing and feminine like a cursive script. Whether you are one of these or anything in between, you can rest assured that the typeface used in your design will represent you perfectly. As you can see from our portfolio, beautiful logos can be created using a variety of typefaces and fonts, sometimes with more than one in the same logo.

The Image of Beauty

What image best represents your business? This will depend on the type of business you are running and the products and services that you offer. It also will be affected by the age and social class of your target customer as well as the norms of the community in which you do business. Whether you choose a bold image, an understated one, or decide to use one that uses no images at all, your logo designer will be an invaluable source of advice and information. From the traditional to the modern to the clever, a professional logo designer knows how to distill your business into an attractive image that will represent you perfectly.

These elements come together into a beauty brand that perfectly represents your business and appeals to your target customer. Branding is important in the beauty industry, and a logo design represents your business’s brand in a visual way that no other element can. If you want to succeed in beauty or any other style oriented business, talk to a professional logo designer today.