Beatrix Potter Brand Gets a Well Crafted Boost

By Mash Bonigala

Many small business owners toil thanklessly, waiting for their big break. For some, that big break comes rather dramatically, changing the face of the company forever. This has been exactly the situation for County Durham business owner Sara Davies, owner of Crafters Companion.

Sara Davies was approached recently by the Beatrix Potter brand, with an offer to be the official craft licensee for the range. Along with this license came the opportunity to have her first three creations shown on UK shopping channel Ideal World. This once small business owner is going national and even global thanks to a few little critters that are beloved to children and adults around the world.

At only 25 years of age, Ms. Davies will not only be selling Beatrix Potter products, but collaborating in their development. A range of paper craft materials, including rubber stamps and instructional materials, are the first products to come from this collaboration. Ms. Davies is already an expert in this process, having worked similarly to create another cobranded range with Frederick Warne-s Flower Fairies just last year for sale in the UK.

However, such fast growth will likely be a challenge to the small business. Crafters Companion employs just 20 staff, and Ms Davies has only just begun the long and significant expansion process that this new venture will demand. This new line will signal a bold leap from local to multi-national, a change that will require every ounce of management skill that the owner can muster.

Is the Crafters Companion brand ready for this type of exposure? The logo design featured the name written on a small square which is placed diagonally upon another square. The effect is much life that seen in a scrapbook or other paper craft, which relates directly to the type of products that Ms. Davies offers. A font that appears handwritten is an appropriate choice for any kind of artisan business. The feminine purple of the logo design would be a poor choice for many different types of business, but it is just perfect for an industry where women make up the vast majority of the customer base.

It is not insignificant that Peter Rabbit is the oldest licensed character on the globe, with a toy bearing his likeness patented more than a century ago by Beatrix Potter. Since then, Potter’s stories have been loved by generations and for many represent the simpler times of childhood. Being able to offer a line of crafting goods bearing Potter’s simply and lovingly drawn animals will be a huge advantage for Crafters Companion. With crafting a growing industry that is now one of the UK’s favourite pastimes, it is easy to see that both Crafters Companion and the Beatrix Potter brand stand to gain much from this co-branding.

This isn’t the first time that Ms. Davies has reaped the rewards of years of hard work. She has won awards ranging from the Journal’s Young Business Person of the Year, North East Women Entrepreneur of the Year, and Shell Livewire Young Entrepreneur.