Bear & Pine Daily Logo

By Mash Bonigala

It has been ages since I did a “Daily Logo” post. The last time was in May 2010! I stopped the Daily Logo post because I did not have much to write about each of the logos and since a daily post was a little too much demand on my time at that time.

Starting today I have decided to bring the Daily Logo back and start off with this Bear and Pine logo created for a client of ours who focuses primarily on the design and manufacture of custom made (Contemporary) rustic wood furniture for cabins or rustic homes, as well as making portable wood furniture for RV owners and campers.

The client wanted the logo to convey an up-scale out-door type look. They wanted it to also convey ruggedness; durable and high quality products, while at the same time give an indication that the products are high-end and unique…..just like the people that decide to live in a cabin home or whose outdoor lifestyle is an important part of how they live. The client also wanted a logo that incorporated a bear or a bear paw. They wanted the logo to do a lot of heavy lifting since they did not want to spend too much on advertising.

After our preliminary research into the RV and Camper Van target market, we came up several different concepts with sketches of bears and pine trees. We wanted to show the rustic nature of the outdoors. The client picked this logo which shows a bear in profile against a pine tree. Earthy brown and off yellow colors provide warmth and ruggedness. A scroll frames the whole logo and gives it the old world look and feel. The font choice was quite neutral as I did not want to incorporate too many distractions into the design.

Hopefully I can continue this tradition of a Daily Logo. I know the going will be tough purely because of the need to come up with content to go with the logo, but I will try my best.

Please leave your comments below about this logo and if you liked it or not. Any suggestions or feedback also welcome.