Battle of the eBooks


Technology has had a huge effect on life over the past few decades, not just in the world of logo design. We cook food differently, communicate differently and, as of recent, read books differently. In fact, 2010 may as well be called the year of the eBook. With many people willing to give up their favorite paperbacks for a sleek, handheld reader, several big names in technology have entered the eReader market.

The pioneer in this field was Apple, which offered iBooks that could be read on its iPod, iTouch, and other iDevices. Many consumers jumped at the new technology, opening an entirely new market for devices dedicated exclusively to downloading and reading books. The advantages are obvious: less wait time for new books, less storage space for old books, and a convenient portable device that can be used just about anywhere.

We have seen Amazon get into the game with their bestselling Kindle, and now Barnes & Noble has introduce a popular eReading device as well. However, the virtual book market may be forever changed with consumer favorite Google’s entry into the eBooks market.

As with everything the search engine does, the Google eBooks brand opened with a bang. Before even going public, Google had developed partnerships with every major name in the virtual book world and had 4000 publishers and more than 3 million titles in their docket. Because Google has a tendency to dominate every niche that it enters, this year should be interesting for other eBook and reading device vendors.

Just a month after officially opening, the Google eBooks store has the potential to change the market entirely by offering a huge range of books at great prices and all the convenience and ease that we would expect from any venture bearing the familiar Google logo design. If 2010 is the year of the eBook, 2011 just may be the year when Google takes over and dominates this market as they have done to so many others.

But Amazon, Apple, and other industry giants won’t give up without a fight. This year we plan to see these brands roll out new benefits, new devices, and new exclusive offers that give consumers a good reason to choose them over Google and all the other competitors in this hot market. In other words, we will see the battle of the eBooks. Consumers only stand to win when companies fight for their attention. In addition, it is refreshing to see people so enthusiastic about literature once again.

The point of this story is not really eBooks, although they are certainly a sign of the times. We live in a world where even the good old dog-eared paperback just may be obsolete soon. How is your company and your brand changing to keep up with the times? Now, more than ever, it is important to integrate the latest technology into every aspect of your business. If you have questions about how to stay up with the times without compromising other aspects of your business, talk to a branding consultant.