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Designs for baby & child related product/service industries

When creating a baby logo design, child logo design or children logo design, it is very important to keep in mind the target market. Even though some of the services or products are aimed directly at the children, in most cases, especially for baby services and products, the target audience is the “parents”.

The colors used in these logos have to be bright and happy. For example “Booya Babies” logo above has a very nice and simple baby illustration and used yellow, red and blue to bring out a bright and happy message. The illustration is also quite cute. In this case it is not apparent what the company does when looking at the logo.

Building the confidence of the target market in your brand should be the top priority for any company in this sector. With so much competition in every face of this industry – baby products, children clothing, toys, educational materials etc – it is quite tough to project an image that attracts attention and is memorable.

The message the client wants to give out for a baby logos or child related product or service is very important. Even though the company name may have the word “baby” in it, many clients do not want to see any images of babies in the logo. They want to come across as a company that specializes in the product segment first and foremost. This could be a great strategy but as with most things may not work for all companies.

At SpellBrand, we have a ton of experience working with baby, child and children logo design related companies. We have not only created logo designs and websites for product and service related companies but also education institutions that are also related to this market segment. We approach each project with a deep understanding of the dynamics of the market segment and the results are terrific!