Australian Small Business to Get a “Kwik” Facelift


Are you looking for a gift for your favourite small or medium sized business owner? If so, you may be interested in a competition being held by Australian print and design company Kwik Kopy. This company is giving a lucky business the gift that keeps giving—a complete corporate redesign package. This year, an Australian company will get the chance to work with a professional logo and graphic design consultant on the logo that just might catapult their business to success.

Kwik Kopy has worked with businesses all over Australia and thus knows one key fact about small business success: that a great public image is essential. In fact, many small businesses see immediate success when they have their logo design and other visual aspects of their brand professionally redesigned. This makes their prize the ultimate gift to the lucky business, non-profit, or entrepreneur who wins this prize. .

The winner of the 2010 Redesign Competition will be given corporate design services worth thousands of pounds, to include the services of a graphic designer for a complete visual overhaul. This is sure to give the lucky business a huge advantage over their competition. According to Kwik Kopy, this prize was chosen because of its ability to change a business’s fate.

While many people believe that a logo design is merely a pretty picture, it is actually a symbol that can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your business. Customers who view your logo designer should be able to identify immediately what industry your company is in, what type of products you offer, and who you are offering them to. In other words, a logo should describe your business in a single glance. While we often say that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, making it express every pertinent detail about your business requires the services of a professional graphic designer.

Often, small businesses have a logo design, but not the right one for them. It may have been designed by someone who is not a professional field or even by the business owner themself. While it looks good on the signs and the stationary, it simply isn’t bringing in customers because it doesn’t say the right things about the business.

The Kwik Kopy prize is particularly valuable because winners will be able to choose the exact graphic design services that they need after consulting with the company. If you are an Australian business owner interested in winning this future-changing prize, simply go to the Kwik Kopy website. There, you will be asked to submit a statement that says in one hundred words or less how this prize would help your business and what type of opportunities it would bring for you. All businesses or nonprofits with between one and two hundred employees qualify.

Logo design services are truly the gift that keeps on giving. If you or a small business owner that you know needs a professionally designed logo, talk to a logo designer today about how you can get the competitive advantage that you deserve.