Aspiring Logo Designers in India Take Note: Google Wants You!


Well known search engine giant Google is known for redesigning their logo to celebrate holidays and a variety of occasions. This has become a custom in all of the nations where the well known American brand is present. Now, however, Google will be known in India for giving young logo designers and artists from all over the nation a chance to have their work very publically displayed on the company’s Indian website on Children’s Day. Today was the deadline to submit doodles for this latest Google publicity stunt.

This event, which is known as “Doodle 4 Google” has occurred for several years, each one with its own theme. The event will have a theme this year of “My Dream for India.” Google is encouraging the entrants to think hard about what changes they would like to see in their country by the time they reach adulthood. Suggested topics include green living, poverty prevention, technological improvements, and better designed cities. However, any notion is acceptable as long as it falls into the broad subject area defined by the theme. Google seems truly interested in seeing what Indian schoolchildren see as the future of their country.

The best doodles as judged by the company will be announced in a month and then placed on a special website. From there, the Indian public will be allowed to vote on their favorite design until the fifth of November. Entries can be judged on the content, the artistic skills, or any other factor that people in India feel makes them a winner. The winner of the contest will be announced shortly thereafter, just in time to be placed online for the November 14 holiday.

Any Indian school child from Classes 1 through 10 can register and enter. The winner in last year’s contest, which had the theme “My India,” was a 4th standard student named Puru Pratap Singh. This year is sure to draw even more entries due to increased publicity and likely higher participation levels.

Google is unique among large companies in that it periodically changes its logo to a special holiday edition. For most companies, this would dilute the brand and do nothing to build a stronger business. However, in Google’s case it has become an actual part of the brand itself. As contests like this one show, Google has taken these holiday logo designs and found a way to get the community involved, which increases brand loyalty. Because Children’s Day is a popular holiday in India, this event will likely get many entries and a lot of public support.

Unless you have a plain, simple logo with the high recognition factor that Google enjoys, you may have a hard time maintaining a consistent brand and image while changing up your visual identity at every opportunity. However, this can vary according to your unique circumstances. If you are interested in seeing whether holiday logos can be a good choice for your company, talk to a professional logo designer today.