Artsy New Brand for The Affordable Art Fair


The Affordable Art Fair is an event that happens in several locations throughout the world, although it is particularly popular in the UK. Until recently, it had a logo design that was used sporadically, with some renegade locations using their own design. This is not good for the global brand. As of this year, Affordable Art Fairs will all use the same logo, a new one created by a UK logo design agency.

The old Affordable Art Fair logo design featured a rectangle and a box, the two shapes associated most with art because they are the shapes of framed or mounted artwork, in a modern and clean black and fuchsia colour palette. The initials for the event were written in rounded upper case lettering inside the box, while the full name was written in a different font below.

This was a streamlined and modern brand that works well with the concept of modern art, but it had a few flaws. First, the fonts are not the same; in fact, there is little similarity between them. They don’t seem to work well together and in fact seem like parts of two different logos. Second, there is no focal point for this UK logo design. Your eye is drawn to the pink box, but also to the lettering; you aren’t really sure where to look. This is a subtle and subconscious thing, but it creates a generally less attractive and less meaningful image.

The new UK logo design keeps the square, but loses the rectangle. The name of the event is now written inside a pink square, bringing together the two main focal points of the former logo. A bespoke font is used that almost combines the two from the old logo, except that the A’s are drawn so that the crossbar does not quite connect. This adds a little character and flair to the logo design. Although you cannot really see it in the photo, the black colour has been replaced with a very dark grey to make the logo design a little less stark.

This new logo feels more artsy than the old one, which was a little chaotic and really could have represented almost any company or event. It takes the former logo design and distils it into its purest self, creating a brand that is much stronger and more appealing. It was important that this logo design be able to work well not just in the UK, but all over the globe. This logo is simple enough to perform that difficult task.

One problem with expanding to markets outside the UK is that your logo design may not be appealing to that market. Some UK companies accommodate this challenge by designing new logos for each individual market. However, this does nothing to build your brand. The best way to build a multinational brand is to work with a professional UK logo designer who can create a design that will suit all of your markets.