Are Men Messier Than Women?

By Mash Bonigala

The battle of the genders just got a little more vigorous thanks to input from one of the UK’s leading home goods retailers. IKEA wants to know your opinion: are men messier than women?

This may seem like a question designed to induce argument, but it is actually meant to market IKEA’s range of storage products. IKEA recently introduced a new advertising campaign for the UK, following studies finding that our citizens have the smallest homes in Europe with fewer rooms. Rather than market the products themselves, IKEA will reach out the UK market by offering solutions for space issues. This first installment features a range of storage products.

But back to the question at hand: who is the messiest gender? The new IKEA television ads feature stand-up comics debating this question. Viewers can enjoy the comedy and then log in to IKEA’s Facebook page to place their vote on the messiest gender. Because many customers will be interested in the results, this may be the first of many installments in IKEA’s gender gap programming. As a bonus, the brand just may win millions of Facebook fans in the process.

IKEA is known for their rather nontraditional marketing campaigns. This fall, people in the UK got to see IKEA ranges as the life of the party. The music played was the popular eighties hit, “You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties,” recorded by Man Like Me. This band appeared in three different kitchens in advertisements that were reminiscent of music videos. With prime spots on The X Factor and millions of hits on Youtube, the video incorporated popular television shows and other media into their campaign. Prior to this campaign, the 2011 IKEA catalogue was launched with advertisement featuring cats and bearing the strapline ‘Happy Inside’.

IKEA is one company to watch if you are interested in learning to market your company in the UK. First, offer solutions, not products. Whatever the product or service that you are offering, it should solve a problem in your customers’ lives. Your task is to identify the problem and present your business as the best possible alternative.

Second, marketing should be fun. Even if you do not choose to use the lighthearted approach that works so well for IKEA—and it certainly won’t work for every business—your marketing should be interesting and interactive so your customer perceives you as an approachable entity. This will also preventing ‘marketing burnout’ that can be dangerous to your growing brand.

The UK market is more competitive than ever, so it is crucial that your brand and your marketing be en pointe in every way. You must work diligently to build a professional logo design and brand, then think outside the box for ways to market your brand within the constraints of your budget. Most important, your marketing should be uniquely targeted at your target market and their needs. If you need help creating a brand, logo design, or advertising campaign that will help you succeed, talk to a professional logo designer today.