Anytime Fitness Gets More Fitting Design

By Mash Bonigala

The world’s largest co-ed fitness chain, Anytime Fitness has a fitness logo design that is recognized in clubs from the United States to the UK to Japan. This fitness chain represents the ultimate in convenient fitness, with more than 1,400 centers open twenty-four hours a day and the latest security and surveillance techniques to make members feel secure at any time of day.

However, the Anytime Fitness brand is not exactly state of the art. While the concept and even the logo design were both good, the interiors of the facilities were not what many modern customers expect. Sterile white filled the workout rooms, with an occasional purple accent. The clubs had a modern, functional look that complimented the logo design and the brand. The logo featured the name written in bold but rounded letters next to the image of a person in mid run.

The functional logo was part of the overall brand, but in this case the logo design will not be part of the rebranding scheme. Instead, the focus is going to be on the customer experience, specifically the interiors of the clubs.

The well recognized purple color is a key part of the brand and will still be present, but other aspects are going to change for a fresh new feel. First, the gym rooms will be reconfigured to differentiate different types of workout space. Second, a new color palette will be used. As mentioned before, the purpole will remain as an accent color, but earthy tones are going to make up the dominant color scheme. In addition, to create a sense of continuity every club will have each of three walls: a logo wall with the logo design prominently displayed and a few small units of retail shelving; a graphic wall with member information and other graphics; and an inspiration wall that includes either chalkboard or dry erase material so members can leave messages and note their own achievements.

The new decorating and branding scheme has already been introduced in a handful of clubs as a test, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. The Anytime Fitness in Apple Valley, MN was one of the first to receive the makeover and has since seen a 51% increase in personal training revenue along with increased memberships and a warm reception from existing members.

Anytime Fitness solves a common problem in modern life: finding time to work out and stay fit. Members receive a special key that allows them access to the club at any time day or night, while modern security ensures that they are safe even at odd hours. However, there is no reason for people to work toward their fitness goals in an unattractive atmosphere. More modern colors and better arranged facilities will make it not just easy for people to get fit, but fun and aesthetically pleasing. The Anytime Fitness brand and logo design will soon stand not just for convenience, but for pleasing, modern style as well.